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Materials that must be posted.

Licensees must post the following items so that they are clearly visible to the parent and staff:
(1) The center's child care license issued under this chapter and chapter 170-300 WAC;
(2) A schedule of regular duty hours with the names of staff;
(3) A typical activity schedule, including operating hours and scheduled mealtimes;
(4) Meal and snack menus for the month;
(5) Fire safety record and evacuation plans and procedures, including a diagram of exiting routes;
(6) Emergency telephone numbers near the telephone;
(7) Nondiscrimination poster;
(8) For the staff, the licensee must post:
(a) Dietary restrictions and nutrition requirements for particular children;
(b) Handwashing practices;
(c) Diaper changing procedures, if applicable;
(d) Disaster preparedness plan; and
(e) Center policies and procedures.
(9) The licensee must post a notification advising parents that the licensee is required to keep a file on-site for their review containing copies of the most recent child care center monitoring checklist and facility licensing compliance agreement for any deficiencies noted.
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