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What personnel records and policies must I have?

(1) Each employee and volunteer who has unsupervised access to a child in care must complete the following forms on or before their date of hire:
(a) An application for employment on a form prescribed by us, or on a comparable form approved by the department; and
(b) A background check form.
(2) You must submit the background check form to us within seven calendar days of the employee's first day of work. The form authorizes a criminal history background inquiry for that person.
(3) Until the background check results are returned and show the employee to not be disqualified, you must not leave the employee unsupervised with the children.
(4) We discuss the information on the background check form with you, the director, or other person responsible for the operation of the center, such as a human resources professional, if applicable.
(5) If you employ five or more people you must have written personnel policies. These policies must describe staff benefits, if any, and duties and qualifications of staff.
(6) You must maintain a system of record keeping for personnel. In addition to the other requirements in this chapter, you must keep the following information on file on the premises for yourself, each staff person and volunteer:
(a) An employment application, including work and education history;
(b) Documentation that a background check form was submitted;
(c) A copy of the department notification of background clearance authorization;
(d) Written documentation of trainings and meetings such as but not limited to:
(i) Orientation;
(ii) Ongoing trainings to include infant safe sleep training when licensed to care for infants;
(iii) Bloodborne pathogen training (including HIV/AIDS);
(iv) CPR/first aid;
(v) Food handler's cards (if applicable);
(vi) STARS;
(vii) Staff meetings; and
(viii) Child abuse and neglect.
(e) Documentation of the results of tuberculosis (TB) testing by the Mantoux skin test prior to starting work.
(7) You must keep the following information on file for the owner of the facility:
(a) If the center is solely owned by you:
(i) A photocopy of your Social Security card that is valid for employment or verification of your employer identification number (EIN); and
(ii) A photocopy of your photo identification issued by a government entity.
(b) If the center is owned by a corporation, verification of the corporation's EIN.
(8) Training documentation must include a certificate, card, or form with a copy placed in each individual employees file that contains the:
(a) Topic presented;
(b) Number of clock hours;
(c) Date and names of persons attending; and
(d) Signature and organization of the person conducting the training.
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