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How can I make sure water activities are as safe and sanitary as possible?

(1) To ensure that the children are safe with a swimming pool on the premises, you must:
(a) Ensure that pools are inaccessible to children when not in use;
(b) Provide a certified lifeguard at all times in addition to required staff, when children use a swimming pool; and
(c) Follow any guidelines established by your local health jurisdiction or the state department of health.
(2) You must prohibit children from using or having access to a hot tub spa, small portable wading pools, whirlpool, or other similar equipment.
(3) If you have a water table you must empty and sanitize water tables or similar water play containers after each use and more often if necessary.
[WSR 06-15-075, recodified as § 170-295-5050, filed 7/13/06, effective 7/13/06. Statutory Authority: Chapters 74.12 and 74.15 RCW. WSR 03-14-110, § 388-295-5050, filed 6/30/03, effective 8/1/03.]
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