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Who can provide consent for me to give medication to the children in my care?

(1) Parents must give written consent before you give any child any medication. The parent's written consent must include:
(a) Child's first and last name;
(b) Name of medication;
(c) Reason for giving medication;
(d) Amount of medication to give;
(e) How to give the medication (route);
(f) How often to give the medication;
(g) Start and stop dates;
(h) Expected side effects; and
(i) How to store the medication consistent with directions on the medication label.
(2) The parent consent form is good for the number of days stated on the medication bottle for prescriptions. You may not give medication past the days prescribed on the medication bottle even if there is medication left.
(3) You may give the following medications with written parent consent if the medication bottle label tells you how much medication to give based on the child's age and weight:
(a) Antihistamines;
(b) Nonaspirin fever reducers/pain relievers;
(c) Nonnarcotic cough suppressants;
(d) Decongestants;
(e) Ointments or lotions intended to reduce or stop itching or dry skin;
(f) Diaper ointments and nontalc powders, intended only for use in the diaper area;
(g) Sun screen for children over six months of age; and
(h) Hand sanitizers for children over twelve months of age.
(4) All other over the counter medications must have written directions from a health care provider with prescriptive authority before giving the medication.
(5) You may not mix medications in formula or food unless you have written directions to do so from a health care provider with prescriptive authority.
(6) You may not give the medication differently than the age and weight appropriate directions or the prescription directions on the medication label unless you have written directions from a health care provider with prescriptive authority before you give the medication.
(7) If the medication label does not give the dosage directions for the child's age or weight, you must have written instructions from a health care provider with prescriptive authority in addition to the parent consent prior to giving the medication.
(8) You must have written consent from a health care provider with prescriptive authority prior to providing:
(a) Vitamins;
(b) Herbal supplements; and
(c) Fluoride.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.070, 43.215.200 and chapter 43.215 RCW. WSR 10-24-015, § 170-295-3060, filed 11/19/10, effective 12/20/10. WSR 06-15-075, recodified as § 170-295-3060, filed 7/13/06, effective 7/13/06. Statutory Authority: Chapters 74.12 and 74.15 RCW. WSR 03-14-110, § 388-295-3060, filed 6/30/03, effective 8/1/03.]
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