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What kind of health policies and procedures must I have?

(1) You must have written health policies and procedures that are:
(a) Written in a clear and easily understood manner;
(b) Shared with all new staff during orientation;
(c) Posted for staff and families to review; and
(d) Reviewed, signed and dated by a physician, a physician's assistant or registered nurse when you change your policies and procedures or type of care that you provide, or at least every three years when you are due for relicensing. (For example, if you go from caring for children from twelve months and older to caring for infants, you must update your health policies and procedures and have them reviewed and signed.)
(2) Your health policies and procedures must have information on how you plan to:
(a) Provide general cleaning of areas including, but not limited to, bathrooms, floors, walls, and doorknobs;
(b) Clean and sanitize areas including, but not limited to, food contact surfaces, kitchen equipment, diapering areas, toys, toileting equipment and areas, equipment that might be shared with several children such as sleep mats, cribs or high chairs;
(c) Prevent, manage and report contagious diseases;
(d) Handle minor injuries such as nosebleeds, scrapes and bruises;
(e) Provide first aid;
(f) Screen children daily for illnesses;
(g) Notify parents that children have been exposed to infectious diseases and parasites;
(h) Handle minor illnesses;
(i) Handle major injuries and medical emergencies that require emergency medical treatment or hospitalization;
(j) Manage medication;
(k) Assist with handwashing and general hygiene including diapering and toileting;
(l) Handle food;
(m) Provide nutritious meals and snacks;
(n) Respond during any disasters;
(o) Care for children that may have special needs;
(p) Care for infants and obtain infant nurse consultation (if licensed for four or more infants); and
(q) Follow the infant safe sleep practices in WAC 170-295-4110.
(3) Your health policies and procedures must have information on when you plan to:
(a) Require ill children to stay home and for how long;
(b) Allow the ill child to return; and
(c) Call a parent to pick up their child and how you will care for the child until the parent arrives.
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