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What are the requirements for evening and nighttime care?

In addition to meeting the other requirements of chapter 170-295 WAC, if you offer child care during evening and nighttime hours, you must:
(1) Adapt the program, equipment, and staffing pattern to meet the physical and emotional needs of the child away from home at night such as:
(a) In centers operating past midnight, you must provide for each child a crib, mat or cot, or mattress pad, that is easily sanitized;
(b) Make arrangements for bathing as needed;
(c) Make arrangements for personal hygiene including tooth brushing;
(d) Have individual bedding appropriate for overnight sleeping; and
(e) Have separate dressing and sleeping areas for boys and girls ages six years and older or younger children demonstrating a need for privacy.
(2) Maintain the same staff-to-child ratio that is in effect during daytime care;
(3) Keep the child within continuous visual and auditory range at all times;
(4) Ensure that the staff in charge during evening and nighttime hours meets the requirements of a lead teacher; and
(5) Ensure all staff attending to children in care are awake.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.215 RCW and 2006 c 265. WSR 08-08-012, § 170-295-2060, filed 3/19/08, effective 4/19/08. WSR 06-15-075, recodified as § 170-295-2060, filed 7/13/06, effective 7/13/06. Statutory Authority: Chapters 74.12 and 74.15 RCW. WSR 03-14-110, § 388-295-2060, filed 6/30/03, effective 8/1/03.]
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