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In-home/relative providersInformation provided to DSHS.

(1) When a consumer chooses in-home/relative child care, the consumer and the provider must give DSHS the following information:
(a) The in-home/relative provider's legal name, address and telephone number;
(b) A copy of the provider's valid Social Security card;
(c) A copy of the provider's photo identification;
(d) A completed, signed and dated background check form; and
(e) A completed provider application form, signed and dated by the consumer and the provider, in which they both attest that the provider is:
(i) Of suitable character and competence;
(ii) Of sufficient physical and mental health to be a safe child care provider and meet the needs of the children in care;
(iii) Able to work with the children without using corporal punishment or psychological abuse;
(iv) Able to accept and follow instructions;
(v) Able to maintain personal cleanliness;
(vi) Prompt and regular in job attendance;
(vii) Informed about basic health practices, prevention and control of infectious disease, and immunizations; and
(viii) Not an individual who has a revoked child care license.
(2) If DSHS requests it, the consumer and/or the provider must provide written medical or legal evidence that the in-home/relative provider is of sufficient physical and mental health to provide safe, reliable and developmentally appropriate child care services.
(3) The provider must give DSHS information as to whether an individual sixteen years of age or older living with the provider is a registered sex offender.
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