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Earned time, granting, and denial.

An offender may receive earned time sentence reduction for participating or attempting to participate in facility work, education, or training programs in accordance with department policy. Prior to a denial of earned time, the basis for the proposed denial shall be explained to the offender. Should the offender wish to contest the proposed denial, he/she may request a hearing, which shall be held at least twenty-four hours after the offender has received written notice scheduling the hearing and indicating the basis for the proposed denial. The hearing shall be before an impartial official designated by the superintendent, pursuant to WAC 137-56-175. The offender shall be provided a written statement from the hearing official showing the evidence relied on and the reasons for the decision. The hearing shall be conducted in accordance with WAC 137-56-180. Such a hearing and its result shall not be considered disciplinary in nature and the decision of the hearing shall be limited to recommending to the superintendent that earned time credits be granted or denied in whole or in part. Granting or denial of earned time credits for out-of-state offenders shall be handled in substantial accord with this rule.
[WSR 03-16-072, § 137-96-110, filed 8/4/03, effective 9/4/03. WSR 95-22-059, § 137-96-110, filed 10/30/95, effective 12/1/95.]