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Title 136 WAC



Organization and operation of county road administration board.
Implementation of state Environmental Policy Act.
Public access to information and records.
Annual certification of good practice.
Standards of good practiceMaintenance management.
Standards of good practice—Vacancy or change in position of county engineer.
Standards of good practicePriority programming.
Standards of good practice procedures for preparation of six-year transportation programs.
Standards of good practiceAnnual road program, construction report, and construction by county forces limits.
Standards of good practiceConstruction by county forces.
Standards of good practiceInspection of bridges on county roads.
Standards of good practiceTraffic law enforcement expenditures.
Standards of good practiceCooperative procedures for processing of county road accident reports.
Standards of good practiceAccommodation of utilities on county roads.
Standards of good practiceStatutory relationship between county engineer and county legislative authorityAdoption of written policies.
Standards of good practiceMaintenance of county road logs.
Standards of good practicePavement management system requirement for county arterial preservation program eligibility.
Administration of the rural arterial program.
Regional prioritization of RAP projects.
Eligibility for rural arterial trust account funds.
Project submittal, selection and initial allocation of RATA funds to projects.
Allocation of RATA funds to emergent and emergency projects.
Increased allocations of RATA funds to projects.
Withdrawals, early termination, and lapsing of approved projects.
Execution of a CRAB/county contract.
Processing of RAP vouchers.
Design standards for rural arterial program projects.
Administration of the county arterial preservation program.
Administration of the county ferry capital improvement program.
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