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Chapter 135-100 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose of this rule.
Purpose and use of assessments.
County has authority to impose assessment.
System of assessments.
Term of assessment.
Public lands may be assessed.
Assessment rates.
Forest lands may be assessed at special rates.
Special notice requirements for public hearings.
Conservation district public hearing before August 1.
Conservation district proposal and budget filed with county.
County public hearing after receiving proposal.
County may modify proposed system after public hearing.
County imposes system of assessments.
Conservation district may withdraw assessment.
Conservation district may alter assessment on parcels.
Conservation district prepares assessment roll.
County assessor applies assessment to tax rolls.
County treasurer collects assessments.
County can recover actual costs.
Conservation district to receive all remaining funds.
Conservation district to inform landowners.
Landowners may petition the county to object.
Renewal of assessment.
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