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The basic procedures regarding annual vacation leave for administrative and exempt employees are:
(1) Each administrative and exempt employee of Columbia Basin College on a two hundred thirty day contract shall be entitled, under the contract of employment to Columbia Basin College, to:
(a) Designated state holidays; and
(b) Not less than nineteen days of vacation leave at full pay.
(2) Each administrative and exempt employee of Columbia Basin College, contracted for a minimum of two hundred thirty days, shall be entitled, under his/her contract of employment with Columbia Basin College, to accrue unused vacation and holiday leave not to exceed thirty working days. All vacation leave shall be taken at the time convenient to the employing office, department, or institution. If such employee request for vacation leave is deferred for reason of the convenience of the employer and a statement of the necessity therefore is filed by such employer, then the aforesaid maximum thirty working days of accrued, unused vacation leave shall be extended for each month said leave is so deferred.
(3) Administrative and exempt employees referred to in WAC 132S-30-086 whose employment is terminated by death, reduction in force, resignation, dismissal, or by retirement, and who have accrued vacation leave as specified in (2) above, shall be paid therefore under their contract of employment, or by their estate if they are deceased, or the employee, in case of voluntary resignation, has provided adequate notice of termination.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140 and chapter 28B.19 RCW. WSR 82-21-012 (Order 82-1), ยง 132S-30-088, filed 10/11/82. Formerly WAC 132S-172-020.]