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Chapter 132K-112 WAC


WAC Sections

Employment of more than one member of a family.
Purpose—Elections and recognition.
Request for election—Canvass of faculty employees by independent and neutral person or association.
Notice of election—Organization to be included on ballot—Time for filing.
Contents of notice of election—Designation of chief election officer—Duties.
Lists of faculty employees—Posting of lists.
Election inspectors—Duties—Right to challenge voter—Improper conduct.
Record of vote—Signature—Challenge.
Incorrectly marked ballot.
Privacy for voter—Equipment.
Folding ballot—Ballot box.
Challenged ballot—Procedure.
Employees present entitled to vote—Sealing ballot box—Unused ballots.
Election inspectors duties after voting has terminated.
Disposition of challenged ballots—Tally sheets—Investigation by chief election officer.
Counting of ballots—Procedure—Certification of results of election—Retention of ballots—Signed voting lists.
Electioneering within the polls forbidden.
Contest of election—Time for filing objections—Investigation of objections.
Persons eligible to vote.
Election determined by majority of valid votes cast calculated on a weighted basis—Run-off election.
Inclusion of those holding administrative appointments except chief executive officer.
Time lapse for new election.
Certification of academic employees' representative.
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