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WAC 132I-120-400

Agency filings affecting this section

Authority and responsibility for discipline.

(1) The board of trustees, acting by written order and in accordance with Washington state statutes, delegates to the president of the college the authority to administer student disciplinary action.
(2) Administration of the disciplinary procedure is the responsibility of the chief student affairs officer. The chief student affairs officer or designee(s) shall serve as the principal investigator and administrator for alleged violations of this code.
(3) Summary action (emergency procedure).
(a) The instructor and students are responsible for conduct in the classroom or at any course-related activity or event. The instructor is authorized to take reasonable steps as necessary when behavior of the student materially or substantially disrupts normal classroom procedures. Instructors may remove a student for the single class session in which disruptive behavior occurs. When such behavior results in expulsion from a class session, the instructor must report the infraction in writing to the chief student affairs officer at the earliest opportunity. When the faculty member, division chair and chief student affairs officer concur that such behavior poses a serious threat, the student may be removed from class pending the outcome of disciplinary action. In all cases involving classroom disruption, the chief student affairs officer or designee will proceed with the investigation and/or disciplinary proceedings at the earliest opportunity consistent with the procedural requirements established in this chapter.
(b) The administrator in charge of any college office, department, or facility is responsible for conduct in that area. Staff shall take reasonable action in response to urgent situations as may be necessary to maintain order when they have reason to believe that such action is necessary for the safety and well-being of the student or the protection of the college community or facilities. Any such summary action must be reported to the chief student affairs officer at the earliest opportunity.
(c) A student being formally charged or under investigation for a violation of any provision set forth in WAC 132I-120-101 or 132I-120-102 may not excuse him or herself from disciplinary proceedings by withdrawing from the college.
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