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Chapter 132E-122 WAC


WAC Sections

Statement of jurisdiction.
Civility statement.
Nondiscrimination statement.
Statement of student rights.
Academic affairs.
Academic affairs grievance procedures.
Students as research subjects.
Student affairs.
Student affairs grievance procedures.
Disclosure of student information.
College distribution of literature procedures.
Authority to request identification.
Prohibited student conduct.
ReportingSexual misconduct and discrimination.
Confidentiality and right to privacy.
Retaliation is prohibited.
Disciplinary sanctions.
Terms and conditions.
Loss of eligibilityStudent athletic participation.
Standard of burden of proof.
Initiation of disciplinary actionNon-Title IX.
Initiation of Title IX proceedings.
Interim measures.
AppealsAll cases.
Participation of advisors and attorneys.
Brief adjudicative proceedingInitial hearing.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsReview of initial decision.
Full adjudicative processStudent conduct committee.
Full adjudicative processPrehearing procedure.
Full adjudicative processHearing procedure.
Full adjudicative processDecision.
Full adjudicative proceedingsStudent conduct committee appeal.
Summary suspensionPurpose and proceeding.
Summary suspensionNotice.
Summary suspensionFor failure to appear.
Summary suspensionAppeal.
Readmission after dismissal.
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