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Last Update: 1/16/15

Chapter 132C-120 WAC


WAC Sections

Freedom of expression.
Freedom of association and organization.
Statement of student rights.
Student participation in college governance.
Student publications.
Distribution of printed material on campus.
Commercial activities.
Authority to prohibit trespass.
Emergency procedures.
Right to demand identification.
Prohibited student conduct.
Classroom conduct.
Statement of jurisdiction.
Brief adjudicative proceeding authorized.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsAgency record.
Initiation of disciplinary action.
Appeal from disciplinary action.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsInitial hearing.
Brief adjudicative proceedingsReview of an initial decision.
Student conduct committee.
AppealStudent conduct committee.
Student conduct committee hearingsPresentations of evidence.
Student conduct committeeInitial decision.
Appeal from student conduct committee initial decision.
Disciplinary sanctions and terms and conditions.
Summary suspension.
Supplemental sexual misconduct procedures.
Supplemental definitions.
Supplemental complaint process.
Supplemental appeal rights.