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Chapter 131-47 WAC


WAC Sections

Public policy goals of project even start.
Project even start—Definition.
Child development knowledge—Definition.
Other eligible program components—Definition.
Eligible grantee—Definition.
Eligible parents—Definition.
Basic skills—Definition.
Standardized test—Definition.
Child care—Definition.
Directly necessary activities—Definition.
Indirect expenditures—Definition.
Assurance of nonsupplanting—Program standard.
Assurance of cooperation with the department of social and health services regarding public assistance reports—Program standard.
Assurance to submit annual evaluation report to the state board for community and technical colleges.
Reporting requirements.
Request for even start project grants to the state board for community and technical colleges.
Assurance of cooperation with state auditor.
Assurance of service to targeted groups.
Even start advisory committee.
Duties of even start advisory committee.
Preference for existing programs before developing new programs.
Coordination of programs.
Evaluation criteria for project even start.
Performance standards for project even start.
Administrative expenditures.
Liability insurance.
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