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Chapter 208-512 WAC


WAC Sections

Nonbankable assets.
Purchase or sale of investment securitiesResale or repurchase agreement.
Purchase or sale of investment securitiesFor customer or institution accounts allowable.
Leasing bank premises—Limitations.
Investment securities—Permissible investments.
Investment securities—Proper management.
Investment securities—Investment in investment companies.
Investment securitiesInvestments in corporations.
Community Reinvestment ActPurpose.
Community Reinvestment ActLimitation on single investment for commercial banks.
Community Reinvestment ActInvestment in qualifying community investments for commercial banks.
Community Reinvestment ActConsideration of performance in approving and disapproving applications.
Insurance-related activitiesPurpose.
Insurance-related activitiesGeneral rule.
Insurance-related activitiesExceptions.
Insurance-related activitiesSubsidiary.
Insurance-related activitiesEnforcement.
Subprime mortgage lendingPurpose of these rules.
Subprime mortgage lendingWhat is the "guidance"?
Subprime mortgage lendingWhat does the guidance require of banks, savings banks and savings associations?
Subprime mortgage lendingIs there a list of subjects that banks, savings banks and savings associations must include in their policies and procedures?
Subprime mortgage lendingWhere can I read the guidance documents?
Subprime mortgage lendingWhy do I need to read the federal guidance documents?
Subprime mortgage lendingWhat will the division of banks do about compliance with guidance policies and procedures?
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