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WAC 182-550-3800

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Rebasing and recalibration.

(1) The department rebases most of the rates used in the medicaid inpatient payment system once every three years. Changes to the inpatient hospital rate calculations and rate-setting methods involved in this rebasing process are implemented pursuant to the rebasing of the rate system
(a) To determine costs for that rebasing process, the department uses:
(i) Each instate hospital's medicare cost report for the hospital fiscal year that ends during the calendar year that the rebasing base year designated by the department begins; and
(ii) Inpatient medicaid and SCHIP claims data for the twelve-month period designated by the department as the rebasing base year.
(b) The rebasing process updates rates for the diagnosis related group (DRG), per diem, and per case rate payment methods.
(c) Other inpatient payment system rates (e.g., the ratio of costs-to-charges (RCC) rates, departmental weighted costs-to-charges (DWCC) rates, administrative day rate, and swing bed rate) are rebased on an annual basis.
(d) The department increases inpatient hospital rates only when mandated by the state legislature. These increases are implemented according to the base methodology in effect, unless otherwise directed by the legislature.
(2) The department periodically recalibrates diagnosis-related group (DRG) relative weights, as described in WAC 388-550-3100, but no less frequently than each time the rate rebasing process described in subsection (1) takes place. The department makes recalibrated relative weights effective on the rebasing implementation date, which can change with each rebasing process.
(3) When recalibrating DRG relative weights without rebasing, the department may apply a budget neutrality factor (BNF) to hospitals' conversion factors to ensure that total DRG payments to hospitals do not exceed total DRG payments that would have been made to hospitals if the relative weights had not been recalibrated. For the purposes of this section, BNF equals the percentage change from total aggregate payments calculated under a new payment system to total aggregate payments calculated under the prior payment system.
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