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Members of the 64th Legislature 2015-2016

Angel, JanFinancial Institutions, Housing & Insurance, Co-Chair; Trade & Economic Development, Vice Chair; Health Care; Transportation
Bailey, BarbaraHigher Education, Chair; Health Care; Rules; Ways & Means
Baumgartner, MichaelWays & Means, Vice Chair; Higher Education; Trade & Economic Development
Becker, RandiHealth Care, Chair; Higher Education, Vice Chair; Rules; Ways & Means
Benton, Don***Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Governmental Operations, Vice Chair; Rules
Billig, AndyEarly Learning & K-12 Education; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Rules; Ways & Means
Braun, JohnTrade & Economic Development, Chair; Commerce and Labor, Vice Chair; Ways & Means
Brown, SharonAgriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development; Early Learning & K-12 Education; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Transportation
Chase, Maralyn*Trade & Economic Development; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Rules
Cleveland, AnnetteEarly Learning & K-12 Education; Health Care; Transportation
Conway, Steve*Commerce and Labor; Governmental Operations; Ways & Means
Dammeier, BruceEarly Learning & K-12 Education, Vice Chair; Health Care, Vice Chair; Rules; Ways & Means
Dansel, BrianGovernmental Operations; Natural Resources & Parks; Transportation
Darneille, Jeannie*Human Services & Corrections; Law and Justice; Rules
Eide, TraceyTransportation, Co-Chair; Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development
Ericksen, DougEnergy, Environment & Telecommunications, Chair; Rules; Transportation
Fain, Joe*****Transportation; Early Learning & K-12 Education; Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Rules
Fraser, KarenRules; Ways & Means
Frockt, DavidHigher Education; Ways & Means
Hargrove, James*Ways & Means; Human Services & Corrections; Natural Resources & Parks
Hasegawa, Bob*Governmental Operations; Commerce and Labor; Ways & Means
Hatfield, BrianAgriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development, Chair; Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Ways & Means
Hewitt, MikeCommerce and Labor; Natural Resources & Parks; Ways & Means
Hill, AndyWays & Means, Chair; Early Learning & K-12 Education
Hobbs, SteveFinancial Institutions, Housing & Insurance, Co-Chair; ***Transportation; Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development
Holmquist Newbry, JanéaCommerce and Labor, Chair; Trade & Economic Development
Honeyford, Jim****Ways & Means; *Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications
Keiser, Karen**Ways & Means; Health Care
King, CurtisTransportation, Co-Chair; Commerce and Labor; Rules
Kline, Adam*Law and Justice; Natural Resources & Parks
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne*Higher Education; Commerce and Labor; Rules; Ways & Means
Liias, Marko*Natural Resources & Parks; Trade & Economic Development; Transportation
Litzow, SteveEarly Learning & K-12 Education, Chair; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Transportation
McAuliffe, Rosemary*Early Learning & K-12 Education; Higher Education
McCoy, John*Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Governmental Operations; Rules
Mullet, Mark***Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Early Learning & K-12 Education; Transportation
Nelson, SharonFinancial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Rules
O'Ban, SteveHuman Services & Corrections, Chair; Law and Justice, Vice Chair; Transportation
Padden, MikeLaw and Justice, Chair; Human Services & Corrections; Ways & Means
Parlette, Linda EvansHealth Care; Natural Resources & Parks; Rules; Ways & Means
Pearson, KirkNatural Resources & Parks, Chair; Human Services & Corrections, Vice Chair; Law and Justice; Rules
Pedersen, Jamie*Health Care; Law and Justice; Trade & Economic Development
Ranker, Kevin**Ways & Means; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications
Rivers, AnnEarly Learning & K-12 Education; Governmental Operations; Rules; Ways & Means
Roach, PamGovernmental Operations, Chair; Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance; Law and Justice
Rolfes, Christine**Early Learning & K-12 Education; Rules; Transportation
Schoesler, MarkAgriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development; Rules; Ways & Means
Sheldon, TimEnergy, Environment & Telecommunications, Vice Chair; Rules, Vice Chair; Transportation
Tom, RodneyHigher Education; Rules; Ways & Means


* denotes Ranking Minority Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Minority Member


* denotes Ranking Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Member
*** denotes Vice Co-Chair
**** denotes Capital Budget Chair
***** denotes Budget Leadership Cabinet