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Members of the 64th Legislature 2015-2016

Appleton, SherryCommunity Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs, Chair; Public Safety; State Government
Bergquist, SteveState Government, Vice Chair; Education; Higher Education; Transportation
Blake, BrianAgriculture & Natural Resources, Chair; Business & Financial Services; Commerce & Gaming
Buys, Vincent*Agriculture & Natural Resources; Appropriations
Caldier, Michelle**General Government & Information Technology; Education; Health Care & Wellness
Carlyle, ReuvenFinance, Chair; Appropriations
Chandler, Bruce*Appropriations; Agriculture & Natural Resources
Chopp, FrankRules, Chair
Clibborn, JudyTransportation, Chair; Health Care & Wellness
Cody, EileenHealth Care & Wellness, Chair; Appropriations
Condotta, Cary*Commerce & Gaming; Appropriations; Finance
DeBolt, Richard*Capital Budget; **Technology & Economic Development; Health Care & Wellness
Dent, Tom**Agriculture & Natural Resources; Appropriations; Early Learning & Human Services
Dunshee, HansCapital Budget, Chair; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Appropriations
Dye, MaryBusiness & Financial Services; Environment
Farrell, JessynTransportation, Vice Chair; Environment; Rules
Fey, JakeTransportation, Vice Chair; Environment; Technology & Economic Development
Fitzgibbon, JoeEnvironment, Chair; Finance; Local Government
Goodman, RogerPublic Safety, Chair; Environment; Judiciary
Gregerson, MiaLabor, Vice Chair; Local Government, Vice Chair; Transportation
Gregory, CarolEducation; Higher Education; State Government
Griffey, Dan**Local Government; Education; Public Safety
Haler, Larry**Higher Education; Appropriations; Judiciary; Rules
Hansen, DrewHigher Education, Chair; Appropriations; Judiciary
Hargrove, Mark**Transportation; Education; Higher Education
Harmsworth, MarkRules; Technology & Economic Development; Transportation
Harris, Paul**Health Care & Wellness; Appropriations; Rules
Hawkins, BradCommunity Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Early Learning & Human Services; State Government
Hayes, Dave**Public Safety; Education; Transportation
Holy, Jeff*State Government; **Commerce & Gaming; Higher Education
Hudgins, ZackGeneral Government & Information Technology, Chair; Appropriations; Technology & Economic Development
Hunt, Graham**Labor; Appropriations; Business & Financial Services
Hunt, SamState Government, Chair; Appropriations; Education
Hunter, RossAppropriations, Chair
Hurst, ChristopherCommerce & Gaming, Chair; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Business & Financial Services
Jinkins, LaurieJudiciary, Chair; Appropriations; Health Care & Wellness
Johnson, Norm*Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Health Care & Wellness
Kagi, RuthEarly Learning & Human Services, Chair; Appropriations
Kilduff, ChristineJudiciary, Vice Chair; Capital Budget; Early Learning & Human Services; Education
Kirby, SteveBusiness & Financial Services, Chair; Commerce & Gaming; Judiciary
Klippert, Brad*Public Safety; Education; Judiciary
Kochmar, LindaBusiness & Financial Services; Capital Budget; Transportation
Kretz, JoelAgriculture & Natural Resources; Rules
Kristiansen, DanRules
Lytton, KristineAgriculture & Natural Resources, Vice Chair; Appropriations; Education; Rules
MacEwen, Drew*General Government & Information Technology; Appropriations
Magendanz, Chad*Education; Appropriations; Technology & Economic Development
Manweller, Matt*Labor; Finance
McBride, JoanEnvironment; Local Government; Rules; Transportation
McCabe, GinaBusiness & Financial Services; General Government & Information Technology; Labor
McCaslin, BobEarly Learning & Human Services; Education; Local Government
Moeller, JimHealth Care & Wellness; Labor; Rules; Transportation
Morris, JeffTechnology & Economic Development, Chair; General Government & Information Technology; Transportation
Moscoso, LuisTransportation, Vice Chair; Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Public Safety
Muri, Dick**Education; Judiciary
Nealey, Terry*Finance; Technology & Economic Development
Orcutt, Ed*Transportation; **Finance; Agriculture & Natural Resources
Ormsby, TimmAppropriations, Vice Chair; Labor
Ortiz-Self, LillianEducation, Vice Chair; Early Learning & Human Services; Transportation
Orwall, TinaPublic Safety, Vice Chair; Education; Judiciary; Rules
Parker, Kevin**Appropriations
Peterson, StromEnvironment, Vice Chair; Capital Budget; Local Government
Pettigrew, EricAgriculture & Natural Resources; Appropriations; Public Safety; Rules
Pike, LizEnvironment; Local Government; Transportation
Pollet, GerryHigher Education, Vice Chair; Education; Finance
Reykdal, ChrisEducation, Vice Chair; Finance; Higher Education; Rules
Riccelli, MarcusHealth Care & Wellness, Vice Chair; Capital Budget; Transportation
Robinson, JuneCommunity Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs, Vice Chair; Finance; Health Care & Wellness
Rodne, Jay*Judiciary; Health Care & Wellness; Transportation
Ryu, CindyBusiness & Financial Services, Vice Chair; Finance; Rules; Technology & Economic Development
Santos, Sharon TomikoEducation, Chair; Business & Financial Services; Technology & Economic Development
Sawyer, DavidAppropriations; Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Early Learning & Human Services
Schmick, Joe*Health Care & Wellness; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Appropriations
Scott, Elizabeth**Early Learning & Human Services; Commerce & Gaming
Sells, MikeLabor, Chair; Higher Education; Transportation
Senn, TanaGeneral Government & Information Technology, Vice Chair; Appropriations; Early Learning & Human Services
Shea, Matt*Environment; **Judiciary; Transportation
Short, Shelly**Environment; Health Care & Wellness; Rules
Smith, Norma*Technology & Economic Development; **Capital Budget
Springer, LarryAppropriations; Education; Finance; Rules
Stambaugh, Melanie **Education; Higher Education; Rules
Stanford, DerekCapital Budget, Vice Chair; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Business & Financial Services
Stokesbary, DrewAppropriations; Finance; Judiciary
Sullivan, PatAppropriations; Rules
Takko, DeanLocal Government, Chair; General Government & Information Technology; Transportation
Tarleton, GaelTechnology & Economic Development, Vice Chair; Higher Education; Rules; Transportation
Taylor, David*Local Government; Appropriations; Environment
Tharinger, SteveFinance, Vice Chair; Appropriations; Health Care & Wellness
Van De Wege, KevinAgriculture & Natural Resources; Commerce & Gaming; Health Care & Wellness; Rules
Van Werven, Luanne**State Government; Appropriations; Higher Education
Vick, Brandon*Business & Financial Services; Commerce & Gaming; Finance
Walkinshaw, BradyEarly Learning & Human Services, Vice Chair; Appropriations; Judiciary
Walsh, Maureen*Early Learning & Human Services; Capital Budget
Wilcox, J.T.**Appropriations; Finance; Rules
Wilson, LyndaPublic Safety; Transportation
Wylie, SharonCommerce & Gaming, Vice Chair; Finance; Technology & Economic Development
Young, JesseRules; Technology & Economic Development; Transportation
Zeiger, Hans*Higher Education; **Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Rules; Transportation


* denotes Ranking Minority Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Minority Member


* denotes Ranking Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Member
*** denotes Vice Co-Chair
**** denotes Capital Budget Chair
***** denotes Budget Leadership Cabinet