Chapter 85.38 RCW
Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
Establishment of special districtsPetition or resolutionContents.
Investigation of proposed boundaries and districtsReport.
Proposed special districtsPublic hearingNotice.
Public hearingElections.
Governing boardTerms of officeElectionAppointmentVacanciesQualifications.
Governing bodyCompensation and expenses.
Governing bodyBond.
Governing bodyReduction in size.
General elections.
Voting rights.
Presumed eligible voters' listNotice of requirements of voting authorityCopy of voter's list to county auditor.
ElectionsWhen not required.
ElectionsAuditor's assistanceNoticeAuditor's costs.
ElectionsAuditor to conduct.
ElectionsSpecial flood control districtsQualified voters.
Election officialsDutiesVoting hoursChallenged ballotsAbsentee ballots.
Special district financingAlternative method.
Rates and charges.
Special assessmentsValuationAssessment zonesCriteria for assessments.
Systems of assessmentHearingNoticeAdoption of ordinanceAppealsReviewEmergency assessment.
Applicable assessed value.
BudgetsSpecial assessmentsNoticeDelinquent special assessmentsCollection fee.
Special districtsPowers.
Construction of improvementsWhen public bidding not requiredUse of district employees or volunteers.
Annexation of contiguous territoryProcedures.
Consolidation of contiguous districtsProcedures.
Withdrawal of area within city or town.
Transfer of territory from one special district to another.
Drainage and drainage improvement districtsRemoval of area by first-class cityNotice.
Suspension of operationsProcedureReactivation.
Alternative dissolution procedureDrainage and drainage improvement districtsConditions.
Special assessment bonds authorized.
Special assessment bondsIssuanceTerms.
Special assessment bondsGuaranty fund.
Special assessment bondsRefunding.
Special assessment bonds issued prior to July 1, 1986.
Cooperative watershed management.
Flood control districtsThree or more countiesGoverning body.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
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