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Chapter 84.12 RCW


RCW Sections

84.12.210Property used but not owned deemed sole operating property of owning company.
84.12.220Jurisdiction to determine operating, nonoperating property.
84.12.230Annual reports to be filed.
84.12.240Access to books and records.
84.12.250Depositions may be taken.
84.12.260Default valuation by department of revenue -- Penalty -- Estoppel.
84.12.270Annual assessment -- Sources of information.
84.12.280Classification of real and personal property.
84.12.300Valuation of interstate utility -- Apportionment of system value to state.
84.12.310Deduction of nonoperating property.
84.12.320Persons bound by notice.
84.12.330Assessment roll -- Notice of valuation.
84.12.340Hearings on assessment, time and place of.
84.12.350Apportionment of value by department of revenue.
84.12.360Basis of apportionment.
84.12.370Certification to county assessor -- Entry upon tax rolls.
84.12.380Assessment of nonoperating property.
84.12.390Rules and regulations.