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RCW 80.50.100

Recommendations to governor—Expedited processing—Approval or rejection of certification—Reconsideration.

(1)(a) The council shall report to the governor its recommendations as to the approval or rejection of an application for certification within twelve months of receipt by the council of such an application, or such later time as is mutually agreed by the council and the applicant.
(b) In the case of an application filed prior to December 31, 2025, for certification of an energy facility proposed for construction, modification, or expansion for the purpose of providing generating facilities that meet the requirements of RCW 80.80.040 and are located in a county with a coal-fired electric generating [generation] facility subject to RCW 80.80.040(3)(c), the council shall expedite the processing of the application pursuant to RCW 80.50.075 and shall report its recommendations to the governor within one hundred eighty days of receipt by the council of such an application, or a later time as is mutually agreed by the council and the applicant.
(2) If the council recommends approval of an application for certification, it shall also submit a draft certification agreement with the report. The council shall include conditions in the draft certification agreement to implement the provisions of this chapter, including, but not limited to, conditions to protect state or local governmental or community interests affected by the construction or operation of the energy facility, and conditions designed to recognize the purpose of laws or ordinances, or rules or regulations promulgated thereunder, that are preempted or superseded pursuant to RCW 80.50.110 as now or hereafter amended.
(3)(a) Within sixty days of receipt of the council's report the governor shall take one of the following actions:
(i) Approve the application and execute the draft certification agreement; or
(ii) Reject the application; or
(iii) Direct the council to reconsider certain aspects of the draft certification agreement.
(b) The council shall reconsider such aspects of the draft certification agreement by reviewing the existing record of the application or, as necessary, by reopening the adjudicative proceeding for the purposes of receiving additional evidence. Such reconsideration shall be conducted expeditiously. The council shall resubmit the draft certification to the governor incorporating any amendments deemed necessary upon reconsideration. Within sixty days of receipt of such draft certification agreement, the governor shall either approve the application and execute the certification agreement or reject the application. The certification agreement shall be binding upon execution by the governor and the applicant.
(4) The rejection of an application for certification by the governor shall be final as to that application but shall not preclude submission of a subsequent application for the same site on the basis of changed conditions or new information.
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FindingsPurpose2011 c 180: See note following RCW 80.80.010.
Effective date1989 c 175: See note following RCW 34.05.010.
SeverabilityEffective date1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 108: See notes following RCW 43.21F.010.