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Chapter 77.36 RCW


RCW Sections

77.36.030Trapping or killing wildlife threatening human safety or causing property damage -- Limitations and conditions -- Rules.
77.36.070Limit on total claims from wildlife account per fiscal year.
77.36.080Limit on total claims from general fund per fiscal year -- Emergency exceptions.
77.36.100Payment of claims for damage to commercial crops or livestock -- Noncash compensation -- Offer of materials or services to offset or prevent wildlife interactions -- Appeal of decisions -- Adoption of rules.
77.36.110Eligibility for compensation under this chapter -- Adoption of rules.
77.36.120Department's duties.
77.36.130Limit on cash compensation -- Burden of proof.
77.36.140Chapter represents exclusive remedy.
77.36.150Review of rules and policies.
77.36.160Request for relocating beaver.
77.36.170Limit on amount paid for injury or loss of livestock caused by wolves -- Exceptions.
77.36.180Wolf-livestock conflict account.