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RCW 74.31.020

Washington traumatic brain injury strategic partnership advisory council—Members—Expenses—Appointment—Duties.

*** CHANGE IN 2018 *** (SEE 6287.SL) ***

(1) The Washington traumatic brain injury strategic partnership advisory council is established as an advisory council to the governor, the legislature, and the secretary of the department of social and health services.
(2) The council shall be composed of:
(a) The following members who shall be appointed by the governor:
(i) A representative from a Native American tribe located in Washington state;
(ii) A representative from a nonprofit organization serving individuals with traumatic brain injury;
(iii) An individual with expertise in working with children with traumatic brain injuries;
(iv) A physician who has experience working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries;
(v) A neuropsychologist who has experience working with persons with traumatic brain injuries;
(vi) A social worker or clinical psychologist who has experience in working with persons who have sustained traumatic brain injuries;
(vii) A rehabilitation specialist, such as a speech pathologist, vocational rehabilitation counselor, occupational therapist, or physical therapist who has experience working with persons with traumatic brain injuries;
(viii) Two persons who are individuals with a traumatic brain injury;
(ix) Two persons who are family members of individuals with traumatic brain injuries; and
(x) Two members of the public who have experience with issues related to the causes of traumatic brain injuries; and
(b) The following agency members:
(i) The secretary or the secretary's designee, and representatives from the following: The children's administration, the division of behavioral health and recovery services, the aging and disability services administration, and the division of vocational rehabilitation;
(ii) The secretary of health or the secretary's designee;
(iii) The secretary of corrections or the secretary's designee;
(iv) A representative of the department of commerce with expertise in housing;
(v) A representative from the Washington state department of veterans affairs;
(vi) A representative from the national guard;
(vii) The executive director of the Washington protection and advocacy system or the executive director's designee; and
(viii) The executive director of the state brain injury association or the executive director's designee.
In the event that any of the state agencies designated in (b) of this subsection is renamed, reorganized, or eliminated, the director or secretary of the department that assumes the responsibilities of each renamed, reorganized, or eliminated agency shall designate a substitute representative.
(3) Councilmembers shall not be compensated for serving on the council, but may be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses related to costs incurred in participating in meetings for the council.
(4) No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.
(5) The appointed members of the council shall, to the extent possible, represent rural and urban areas of the state.
(6) A chairperson shall be elected every two years by majority vote from among the councilmembers. The chairperson shall act as the presiding officer of the council.
(7) The duties of the council include:
(a) Collaborating with the department to develop and revise as needed a comprehensive statewide plan to address the needs of individuals with traumatic brain injuries;
(b) Providing recommendations to the department on criteria to be used to select programs facilitating support groups for individuals with traumatic brain injuries and their families under RCW 74.31.050;
(c) By January 15, 2013, and every two years thereafter, developing a report in collaboration with the department and submitting it to the legislature and the governor on the following:
(i) Identifying the activities of the council in the implementation of the comprehensive statewide plan;
(ii) Recommendations for the revisions to the comprehensive statewide plan;
(iii) Recommendations for using the traumatic brain injury account established under RCW 74.31.060 to form strategic partnerships and to foster the development of services and supports for individuals impacted by traumatic brain injuries; and
(iv) Recommendations for a council staffing plan for council support under RCW 74.31.030.
(8) The council may utilize the advice or services of a nationally recognized expert, or other individuals as the council deems appropriate, to assist the council in carrying out its duties under this section.
Short title2007 c 356: See note following RCW 74.31.005.
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