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RCW 72.23.125

Temporary residential observation and evaluation of persons requesting treatment.

The department is directed to establish at each state hospital a procedure, including the necessary resources, to provide temporary residential observation and evaluation of persons who request treatment, unless admitted under *RCW 72.23.070. Temporary residential observation and evaluation under this section shall be for a period of not less than twenty-four hours nor more than forty-eight hours and may be provided informally without complying with the admission procedure set forth in *RCW 72.23.070 or the rules and regulations established thereunder.
It is the intent of the legislature that temporary observation and evaluation as described in this section be provided in all cases except where an alternative such as: (1) Delivery to treatment outside the hospital, or (2) no need for treatment is clearly indicated.
[1979 ex.s. c 215 § 18.]
*Reviser's note: RCW 72.23.070 was repealed by 1985 c 354 § 34, effective January 1, 1986. Later enactment, see chapter 71.34 RCW.