Chapter 72.23 RCW


RCW Sections

72.23.020State hospitals designated.
72.23.025Eastern and western state hospitals -- Primary diagnosis of mental disorder -- Duties -- Institutes for the study and treatment of mental disorders established.
72.23.027Integrated service delivery -- Incentives to discourage inappropriate placement -- Specialized care programs.
72.23.030Superintendent -- Powers -- Direction of clinical care, exception.
72.23.035Background checks of prospective employees.
72.23.040Seal of hospital.
72.23.050Superintendent as witness -- Exemptions from military duty.
72.23.060Gifts -- Record -- Use.
72.23.080Voluntary patients -- Legal competency -- Record.
72.23.100Voluntary patients -- Policy -- Duration.
72.23.110Voluntary patients -- Limitation as to number.
72.23.120Voluntary patients -- Charges for hospitalization.
72.23.125Temporary residential observation and evaluation of persons requesting treatment.
72.23.130History of patient.
72.23.160Escape -- Apprehension and return.
72.23.170Escape of patient -- Penalty for assisting.
72.23.180Discharge, parole, death, escape -- Notice -- Certificate of discharge.
72.23.190Death -- Report to coroner.
72.23.200Persons under eighteen -- Confinement in adult wards.
72.23.210Persons under eighteen -- Special wards and attendants.
72.23.230Patient's property -- Superintendent as custodian -- Management and accounting.
72.23.240Patient's property -- Delivery to superintendent as acquittance -- Defense, indemnity.
72.23.250Funds donated to patients.
72.23.260Federal patients -- Agreements authorized.
72.23.280Nonresidents -- Hospitalization.
72.23.290Transfer of patients -- Authority of transferee.
72.23.300Bringing narcotics, intoxicating liquors, weapons, etc., into institution or its grounds prohibited -- Penalty.
72.23.390Safe patient handling.
72.23.400Workplace safety plan.
72.23.410Violence prevention training.
72.23.420Record of violent acts.
72.23.430Noncompliance -- Citation under chapter 49.17 RCW.
72.23.440Technical assistance and training.
72.23.451Annual report to the legislature.
72.23.460Provisions applicable to hospitals governed by chapter.
72.23.900Construction -- Purpose -- 1959 c 28.
72.23.910Construction -- Effect on laws relating to the criminally insane -- "Insane" as used in other statutes.
72.23.920Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Commitment to veterans' administration or other federal agency: RCW 73.36.165.

County hospitals: Chapter 36.62 RCW.

Division of mental health: Chapter 43.20A RCW.

Mental illness, commitment procedures, rights, etc.: Chapter 71.05 RCW.

Minors -- Mental health services, commitment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.

Out-of-state physicians, conditional license to practice in conjunction with institutions: RCW 18.71.095.

Private mental establishments: Chapter 71.12 RCW.

Record as to patients or inmates for purposes of vital statistics: RCW 70.58.270.

Sexual psychopaths: Chapter 71.06 RCW.