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RCW 71A.20.050

Superintendents—Secretary's custody of residents.

(1) The secretary shall appoint a superintendent for each residential habilitation center. The superintendent of a residential habilitation center shall have a demonstrated history of knowledge, understanding, and compassion for the needs, treatment, and training of persons with developmental disabilities.
(2) The secretary shall have custody of all residents of the residential habilitation centers and control of the medical, educational, therapeutic, and dietetic treatment of all residents, except that the school district that conducts the program of education provided pursuant to RCW 28A.190.030 through 28A.190.050 shall have control of and joint custody of residents while they are participating in the program. The secretary shall cause surgery to be performed on any resident only upon gaining the consent of a parent, guardian, or limited guardian as authorized, except, if after reasonable effort to locate the parents, guardian, or limited guardian as authorized, and the health of the resident is certified by the attending physician to be jeopardized unless such surgery is performed, the required consent shall not be necessary.
[1990 c 33 § 589; 1988 c 176 § 705.]
PurposeStatutory referencesSeverability1990 c 33: See RCW 28A.900.100 through 28A.900.102.