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Chapter 70.95 RCW


RCW Sections

70.95.010Legislative finding -- Priorities -- Goals.
70.95.055Environmental excellence program agreements -- Effect on chapter.
70.95.060Standards for solid waste handling -- Areas -- Landfill location.
70.95.065Inert waste landfills.
70.95.075Implementation of standards -- Assessment -- Analyses -- Proposals.
70.95.080County comprehensive solid waste management plan -- Joint plans -- Requirements when updating -- Duties of cities.
70.95.090County and city comprehensive solid waste management plans -- Contents.
70.95.092County and city comprehensive solid waste management plans -- Levels of service, reduction and recycling.
70.95.094County and city comprehensive solid waste management plans -- Review and approval process.
70.95.096Utilities and transportation commission to review local plan's assessment of cost impacts on rates.
70.95.100Technical assistance for plan preparation -- Guidelines -- Informational materials and programs.
70.95.110Maintenance of plans -- Review, revisions -- Implementation of source separation programs.
70.95.130Financial aid to counties and cities.
70.95.140Matching requirements.
70.95.150Contracts with counties to assure proper expenditures.
70.95.160Local board of health regulations to implement the comprehensive plan -- Section not to be construed to authorize counties to operate system.
70.95.163Local health departments may contract with the department of ecology.
70.95.165Solid waste disposal facility siting -- Site review -- Local solid waste advisory committees -- Membership.
70.95.167Private businesses involvement in source separated materials -- Local solid waste advisory committee to examine.
70.95.170Permit for solid waste handling facility -- Required.
70.95.180Permit for solid waste handling facility -- Applications, fee.
70.95.185Permit for solid waste disposal site or facilities -- Review by department -- Appeal of issuance -- Validity of permits issued after June 7, 1984.
70.95.190Permit for solid waste handling facility -- Renewal -- Appeal -- Validity of renewal -- Review fees.
70.95.200Permit for solid waste disposal site or facilities -- Suspension.
70.95.205Exemption from solid waste permit requirements -- Waste-derived soil amendments -- Application -- Revocation of exemption -- Appeal.
70.95.210Hearing -- Appeal -- Denial, suspension -- When effective.
70.95.212Solid waste collection companies -- Notice of changes in tipping fees and disposal rate schedules.
70.95.215Landfill disposal facilities -- Reserve accounts required by July 1, 1987 -- Exception -- Rules.
70.95.217Waste generated outside the state -- Findings.
70.95.218Waste generated outside the state -- Solid waste disposal site facility reporting requirements -- Fees.
70.95.220Financial aid to jurisdictional health departments -- Applications -- Allocations.
70.95.230Financial aid to jurisdictional health departments -- Matching funds requirements.
70.95.235Diversion of recyclable material -- Penalty.
70.95.240Unlawful to dump or deposit solid waste without permit -- Penalties -- Litter cleanup restitution payment.
70.95.250Name appearing on waste material -- Presumption.
70.95.255Disposal of sewage sludge or septic tank sludge prohibited -- Exemptions -- Uses of sludge material permitted.
70.95.260Duties of department -- State solid waste management plan -- Assistance -- Coordination -- Tire recycling.
70.95.263Additional powers and duties of department.
70.95.265Department to cooperate with public and private departments, agencies and associations.
70.95.267Department authorized to disburse referendum 26 (chapter 43.83A RCW) fund for local government solid waste projects.
70.95.268Department authorized to disburse funds under chapter 43.99F RCW for local government solid waste projects.
70.95.270Hazardous substance remedial actions -- Procedural requirements not applicable.
70.95.280Determination of best solid waste management practices -- Department to develop method to monitor waste stream -- Collectors to report quantity and quality of waste -- Confidentiality of proprietary information.
70.95.285Solid waste stream analysis.
70.95.290Solid waste stream evaluation.
70.95.295Analysis and evaluation to be incorporated in state solid waste management plan.
70.95.300Solid waste -- Beneficial uses -- Permitting requirement exemptions.
70.95.305Solid waste handling permit -- Exemption from requirements -- Application of section -- Rules.
70.95.306Composting of bovine and equine carcasses -- Guidelines -- Exemption from solid waste handling rules.
70.95.310Rules -- Department "deferring" to other permits -- Application of section.
70.95.330Qualified anaerobic digesters exempt from permitting requirements of chapter -- Definitions.
70.95.400Transporters -- Definition -- Registration required -- Penalties.
70.95.410Transporters -- Delivery of recyclable materials to transfer station or landfill prohibited -- Records -- Penalty.
70.95.430Solid waste recyclers -- Notice -- Report -- Penalty.
70.95.440Financial assurance requirements.
70.95.500Disposal of vehicle tires outside designated area prohibited -- Penalty -- Exemption.
70.95.510Fee on the retail sale of new replacement vehicle tires.
70.95.515Fee on the retail sale of new replacement vehicle tires -- Failure to collect, pay to department -- Penalties.
70.95.521Waste tire removal account.
70.95.530Waste tire removal account -- Use -- Information required to be posted to department's web site.
70.95.532Waste tire removal account -- Use of moneys -- Transfer of any balance in excess of one million dollars to the motor vehicle account.
70.95.535Disposition of fee.
70.95.540Cooperation with department to aid tire recycling.
70.95.550Waste tires -- Definitions.
70.95.555Waste tires -- License for transport or storage business -- Requirements.
70.95.560Waste tires -- Violation of RCW 70.95.555 -- Penalty.
70.95.565Waste tires -- Contracts with unlicensed persons prohibited.
70.95.570Limitations on liability.
70.95.600Educational material promoting household waste reduction and recycling.
70.95.610Battery disposal -- Restrictions -- Violators subject to fine -- "Vehicle battery" defined.
70.95.620Identification procedure for persons accepting used vehicle batteries.
70.95.630Requirements for accepting used batteries by retailers of vehicle batteries -- Notice.
70.95.640Retail core charge.
70.95.650Vehicle battery wholesalers -- Obligations regarding used batteries -- Noncompliance procedure.
70.95.660Department to distribute printed notice -- Issuance of warnings and citations -- Fines.
70.95.700Solid waste incineration or energy recovery facility -- Environmental impact statement requirements.
70.95.710Incineration of medical waste.
70.95.715Sharps waste -- Drop-off sites -- Pharmacy return program.
70.95.720Closure of energy recovery and incineration facilities -- Recordkeeping requirements.
70.95.725Paper conservation program -- Paper recycling program.
70.95.810Composting food and yard wastes -- Grants and study.
70.95.900Authority and responsibility of utilities and transportation commission not changed.
70.95.901Severability -- 1989 c 431.
70.95.902Section captions not law -- 1989 c 431.
70.95.903Application of chapter -- Collection and transportation of recyclable materials by recycling companies or nonprofit entities -- Reuse or reclamation.
70.95.910Severability -- 1969 ex.s. c 134.
70.95.911Severability -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 41.

Airports: RCW 70.93.095.

Commercial fertilizer: Chapter 15.54 RCW.

Environmental certification programs -- Fees -- Rules -- Liability: RCW 43.21A.175.

Marinas: RCW 70.93.095.

Solid waste collection tax: Chapter 82.18 RCW.

State parks: RCW 79A.05.045.

Waste reduction, recycling, litter control: Chapter 70.93 RCW.