Chapter 70.94 RCW


RCW Sections

70.94.011Declaration of public policies and purpose.
70.94.015Air pollution control account -- Air operating permit account.
70.94.017Air pollution control account -- Subaccount distribution.
70.94.033Environmental excellence program agreements -- Effect on chapter.
70.94.035Technical assistance program for regulated community.
70.94.037Transportation activities -- "Conformity" determination requirements.
70.94.040Causing or permitting air pollution unlawful -- Exception.
70.94.041Exception -- Burning wood at historic structure.
70.94.053Air pollution control authorities created -- Activated authorities, composition, meetings -- Delineation of air pollution regions, considerations.
70.94.055Air pollution control authority may be activated by counties, when.
70.94.057Multicounty authority may be formed by contiguous counties -- Name.
70.94.068Merger of active and inactive authorities to form multicounty or regional authority -- Procedure.
70.94.069Merger of active and inactive authorities to form multicounty or regional authority -- Reorganization of board of directors -- Rules and regulations.
70.94.070Resolutions activating authorities -- Contents -- Filings -- Effective date of operation.
70.94.081Powers and duties of authorities.
70.94.085Cost-reimbursement agreements.
70.94.091Excess tax levy authorized -- Election, procedure, expense.
70.94.092Air pollution control authority -- Fiscal year -- Adoption of budget -- Contents.
70.94.093Methods for determining proportion of supplemental income to be paid by component cities, towns and counties -- Payment.
70.94.094Designation of authority treasurer and auditor -- Duties.
70.94.095Assessed valuation of taxable property, certification by county assessors.
70.94.096Authorization to borrow money.
70.94.097Special air pollution studies -- Contracts for conduct of.
70.94.100Air pollution control authority -- Board of directors -- Composition -- Term.
70.94.110City selection committees.
70.94.120City selection committees -- Meetings, notice, recording officer -- Alternative mail balloting -- Notice.
70.94.130Air pollution control authority -- Board of directors -- Powers, quorum, officers, compensation.
70.94.141Air pollution control authority -- Powers and duties of activated authority.
70.94.142Subpoena powers -- Witnesses, expenses and mileage -- Rules and regulations.
70.94.143Federal aid.
70.94.151Classification of air contaminant sources -- Registration -- Fee -- Registration program defined -- Adoption of rules requiring persons to report emissions of greenhouse gases.
70.94.152Notice may be required of construction of proposed new contaminant source -- Submission of plans -- Approval, disapproval -- Emission control -- "De minimis new sources" defined.
70.94.153Existing stationary source -- Replacement or substantial alteration of emission control technology.
70.94.154RACT requirements.
70.94.155Control of emissions -- Bubble concept -- Schedules of compliance.
70.94.157Preemption of uniform building and fire codes.
70.94.161Operating permits for air contaminant sources -- Generally -- Fees, report to legislature.
70.94.162Annual fees from operating permit program source to cover cost of program.
70.94.163Source categories not required to have a permit -- Recommendations.
70.94.165Gasoline recovery devices -- Limitation on requiring.
70.94.170Air pollution control authority control officer.
70.94.181Variances -- Application for -- Considerations -- Limitations -- Renewals--Review.
70.94.200Investigation of conditions by control officer or department -- Entering private, public property.
70.94.205Confidentiality of records and information.
70.94.211Enforcement actions by air authority -- Notice to violators.
70.94.221Order final unless appealed to pollution control hearings board.
70.94.230Rules of authority supersede local rules, regulations, etc. -- Exceptions.
70.94.231Air pollution control authority -- Dissolution of prior districts -- Continuation of rules and regulations until superseded.
70.94.240Air pollution control advisory council.
70.94.260Dissolution of authority -- Deactivation of authority.
70.94.262Withdrawal from multicounty authority.
70.94.302Certain generators fueled by biogas produced by an anaerobic digester -- Extended compliance period for permit provisions related to the emissions limit for sulfur -- Technical assistance.
70.94.331Powers and duties of department.
70.94.332Enforcement actions by department -- Notice to violators.
70.94.335Hazardous substance remedial actions -- Procedural requirements not applicable.
70.94.350Contracts, agreements for use of personnel by department -- Reimbursement -- Merit system regulations waived.
70.94.370Powers and rights of governmental units and persons are not limited by act or recommendations.
70.94.380Emission control requirements.
70.94.385State financial aid -- Application for -- Requirements.
70.94.390Hearing upon activation of authority -- Finding -- Assumption of jurisdiction by department -- Expenses.
70.94.395Air contaminant sources -- Regulation by department; authorities may be more stringent -- Hearing -- Standards.
70.94.400Order activating authority -- Filing -- Hearing -- Amendment of order.
70.94.405Air pollution control authority -- Review by department of program.
70.94.410Air pollution control authority -- Assumption of control by department.
70.94.420State departments and agencies to cooperate with department and authorities.
70.94.422Department of health powers regarding radionuclides -- Energy facility site evaluation council authority over permit program sources.
70.94.425Restraining orders -- Injunctions.
70.94.431Civil penalties -- Excusable excess emissions.
70.94.435Additional means for enforcement of chapter.
70.94.440Short title.
70.94.450Woodstoves -- Policy.
70.94.453Woodstoves -- Definitions.
70.94.455Residential and commercial construction -- Burning and heating device standards.
70.94.457Solid fuel burning devices -- Emission performance standards.
70.94.460Sale of unapproved woodstoves -- Prohibited.
70.94.463Sale of unapproved woodstoves -- Penalty.
70.94.467Sale of unapproved woodstoves -- Application of law to advertising media.
70.94.470Residential solid fuel burning devices -- Opacity levels -- Enforcement and public education.
70.94.473Limitations on burning wood for heat -- First and second stage burn bans -- Report on second stage burn ban.
70.94.475Liability of condominium owners' association or resident association.
70.94.477Limitations on use of solid fuel burning devices.
70.94.480Woodstove education program.
70.94.483Woodstove education and enforcement account created -- Fee imposed on solid fuel burning device sales.
70.94.488Woodsmoke emissions -- Findings.
70.94.505Woodsmoke emissions -- Work group.
70.94.510Policy to cooperate with federal government.
70.94.521Transportation demand management -- Findings.
70.94.524Transportation demand management -- Definitions.
70.94.527Transportation demand management -- Requirements for counties and cities.
70.94.528Transportation demand management -- Growth and transportation efficiency centers.
70.94.531Transportation demand management -- Requirements for employers.
70.94.534Transportation demand management -- Jurisdictions' review and penalties.
70.94.537Transportation demand management -- Commute trip reduction board.
70.94.541Transportation demand management -- Technical assistance.
70.94.544Transportation demand management -- Use of funds.
70.94.547Transportation demand management -- Intent -- State leadership.
70.94.551Transportation demand management -- State agencies -- Joint comprehensive commute trip reduction plan -- Reports.
70.94.555Transportation demand management -- Collective bargaining powers unaffected.
70.94.600Reports of authorities to department of ecology -- Contents.
70.94.605Report to the legislature -- Achieving attainment for areas of nonattainment.
70.94.610Burning used oil fuel in land-based facilities.
70.94.620Metals mining and milling operations permits -- Inspections by department of ecology.
70.94.640Odors or fugitive dust caused by agricultural activities consistent with good agricultural practices exempt from chapter.
70.94.645Ammonia emissions from use as agricultural or silvicultural fertilizer -- Regulation prohibited.
70.94.6511Definition of "outdoor burning."
70.94.6512Outdoor burning -- Fires prohibited -- Exceptions.
70.94.6514Outdoor burning -- Areas where prohibited -- Exceptions -- Use for management of storm or flood-related debris -- Silvicultural burning.
70.94.6516Outdoor burning -- Permits issued by political subdivisions.
70.94.6518Limited outdoor burning -- Establishment of program.
70.94.6520Limited outdoor burning -- Construction.
70.94.6522Limited outdoor burning -- Authority of local air pollution control authority or department of ecology to allow outdoor fires not restricted.
70.94.6524Limited outdoor burning -- Program -- Exceptions.
70.94.6526Limited outdoor burning -- Permits issued by political subdivisions -- Types of fires permitted.
70.94.6528Permits -- Issuance -- Conditioning of permits -- Fees -- Agricultural burning practices and research task force -- Development of public education materials -- Agricultural activities.
70.94.6530Delegation of permit issuance and enforcement to political subdivisions.
70.94.6532Open burning of grasses grown for seed -- Alternatives -- Studies -- Deposit of permit fees in special grass seed burning account -- Procedures -- Limitations -- Report.
70.94.6534Burning permits for abating or prevention of forest fire hazards, management of ecosystems, instruction or silvicultural operations -- Issuance.
70.94.6536Silvicultural forest burning -- Reduce statewide emissions -- Exemption -- Monitoring program.
70.94.6538Burning permits for abating or prevention of forest fire hazards, management of ecosystems, instruction or silvicultural operations -- Conditions for issuance and use of permits -- Air quality standards to be met -- Alternate methods to lessen forest debris.
70.94.6540Cooperation between department of natural resources and state, local, or regional air pollution authorities -- Withholding of permits.
70.94.6542Adoption of rules.
70.94.6544Burning permits for regeneration of rare and endangered plants.
70.94.6546Aircraft crash rescue fire training -- Training to fight structural fires -- Training to fight forest fires -- Other firefighter instruction.
70.94.6548Outdoor burning allowed for managing storm or flood-related debris.
70.94.6550Fires necessary for Indian ceremonies or smoke signals.
70.94.6552Permit to set fires for weed abatement.
70.94.6554Disposal of tumbleweeds.
70.94.710Air pollution episodes -- Legislative finding -- Declaration of policy.
70.94.715Air pollution episodes -- Episode avoidance plan -- Contents -- Source emission reduction plans -- Authority -- Considered orders.
70.94.720Air pollution episodes -- Declaration of air pollution emergency by governor.
70.94.725Air pollution episodes -- Restraining orders, temporary injunctions to enforce orders -- Procedure.
70.94.730Air pollution episodes -- Orders to be effective immediately.
70.94.785Plans approved pursuant to federal clean air act -- Enforcement authority.
70.94.800Legislative declaration -- Intent.
70.94.820Monitoring by department of ecology.
70.94.850Emission credits banking program -- Amount of credit.
70.94.860Department of ecology may accept delegation of programs.
70.94.875Evaluation of information on acid deposition in Pacific Northwest -- Establishment of critical levels -- Notification of legislature.
70.94.880Establishment of critical deposition and acidification levels -- Considerations.
70.94.892Carbon dioxide mitigation -- Fees.
70.94.901Construction -- 1967 c 238.
70.94.902Construction, repeal of RCW 70.94.061 through 70.94.066 -- Saving.
70.94.904Effective dates -- 1991 c 199.
70.94.905Severability -- 1991 c 199.
70.94.906Captions not law.
70.94.911Severability -- 1967 c 238.
70.94.960Clean fuel matching grants for public transit, vehicle mechanics, and refueling infrastructure.
70.94.970Chlorofluorocarbons -- Ozone -- Refrigerants regulated.
70.94.980Refrigerants -- Unlawful acts.
70.94.990Refrigerants -- Rules -- Enforcement provisions, limitations.

Environmental certification programs -- Fees -- Rules -- Liability: RCW 43.21A.175.

Pollution Disclosure Act of 1971: Chapter 90.52 RCW.

Tax exemptions and credits for air pollution control facilities: Chapter 82.34 RCW.

Washington clean indoor air act: Chapter 70.160 RCW.