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Chapter 70.93 RCW

(Formerly Model litter control and recycling act)

RCW Sections

70.93.010Legislative findings.
70.93.020Declaration of purpose.
70.93.040Administrative procedure act -- Application to chapter.
70.93.050Enforcement of chapter.
70.93.060Littering prohibited -- Penalties -- Litter cleanup restitution payment.
70.93.070Collection of fines and forfeitures.
70.93.080Notice to public -- Contents of chapter -- Required.
70.93.090Litter receptacles -- Use of anti-litter symbol -- Distribution -- Placement -- Violations--Penalties.
70.93.093Official gatherings and sports facilities -- Recycling.
70.93.095Marinas and airports -- Recycling.
70.93.097Transported waste must be covered or secured.
70.93.110Removal of litter -- Responsibility.
70.93.180Waste reduction, recycling, and litter control account -- Distribution.
70.93.200Department of ecology -- Administration of anti-litter and recycling programs.
70.93.210Waste reduction, anti-litter, and recycling campaign -- Industrial cooperation requested.
70.93.220Litter collection programs -- Department of ecology -- Coordinating agency -- Use of funds -- Reporting by agencies.
70.93.230Violations of chapter -- Penalties.
70.93.250Funding to local governments -- Reports.
70.93.900Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 307.
70.93.910Alternative to Initiative 40 -- Placement on ballot -- Force and effect of chapter.
70.93.920Severability -- 1979 c 94.

     Reviser's note: Throughout chapter 70.93 RCW, the term "this 1971 amendatory act" has been changed to "this chapter"; "this 1971 amendatory act" [1971 ex.s. c 307] consists of this chapter, the 1971 amendment to RCW 46.61.655 and the repeal of RCW 9.61.120, 9.66.060, 9.66.070, and 46.61.650.

Local adopt-a-highway programs: RCW 47.40.105.

Solid waste management, recovery and recycling: Chapter 70.95 RCW.

State parks: RCW 79A.05.045.