Chapter 70.275 RCW


RCW Sections

70.275.010Findings -- Purpose.
70.275.030Product stewardship program.
70.275.040Submission of proposed product stewardship plans -- Department to establish rules -- Public review -- Plan update -- Annual report.
70.275.050Financing the mercury-containing light recycling program.
70.275.060Collection and management of mercury.
70.275.070Collectors of unwanted mercury-containing lights -- Duties.
70.275.080Requirement to recycle end-of-life mercury-containing lights.
70.275.090Producers must participate in an approved product stewardship program.
70.275.100Written warning -- Penalty -- Appeal.
70.275.110Department's web site to list producers participating in product stewardship plan -- Required participation in a product stewardship plan -- Written warning -- Penalty -- Rules -- Exemptions.
70.275.120Producers must pay annual fees.
70.275.130Product stewardship programs account.
70.275.140Adoption of rules -- Report to the legislature -- Invitation to entities to comment on issues -- Estimate of statewide recycling rate for mercury-containing lights -- Mercury vapor barrier packaging.
70.275.150Application of chapter to the Washington utilities and transportation commission.
70.275.160Application of chapter to entities regulated under chapter 70.105 RCW.
70.275.900Chapter liberally construed.
70.275.901Severability -- 2010 c 130.