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RCW 70.168.100

Regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils.

*** CHANGE IN 2015 *** (SEE 1721-S.SL) ***

Regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils are established. The councils shall:
(1) By June 1990, begin the development of regional emergency medical services and trauma care plans to:
(a) Assess and analyze regional emergency medical services and trauma care needs;
(b) Identify personnel, agencies, facilities, equipment, training, and education to meet regional and local needs;
(c) Identify specific activities necessary to meet statewide standards and patient care outcomes and develop a plan of implementation for regional compliance;
(d) Establish and review agreements with regional providers necessary to meet state standards;
(e) Establish agreements with providers outside the region to facilitate patient transfer;
(f) Include a regional budget;
(g) Establish the number and level of facilities to be designated which are consistent with state standards and based upon availability of resources and the distribution of trauma within the region;
(h) Identify the need for and recommend distribution and level of care of prehospital services to assure adequate availability and avoid inefficient duplication and lack of coordination of prehospital services within the region; and
(i) Include other specific elements defined by the department;
(2) By June 1991, begin the submission of the regional emergency services and trauma care plan to the department;
(3) Advise the department on matters relating to the delivery of emergency medical services and trauma care within the region;
(4) Provide data required by the department to assess the effectiveness of the emergency medical services and trauma care system;
(5) May apply for, receive, and accept gifts and other payments, including property and service, from any governmental or other public or private entity or person, and may make arrangements as to the use of these receipts, including any activities related to the design, maintenance, or enhancements of the emergency medical services and trauma care system in the region. The councils shall report in the regional budget the amount, source, and purpose of all gifts and payments. [1990 c 269 § 13.
[1990 c 269 § 13.]