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Chapter 70.119A RCW


Environmental excellence program agreementsEffect on chapter.
Public health emergenciesViolationsPenalty.
Additional or alternative penaltyInformal resolution unless a public health emergency.
Enforcement of regulations by local boards of healthCivil penalties.
Public water systemsMandateConditions for approval or creation of new public water systemDepartment and local health jurisdiction duties.
Department contracting authority.
Drinking water program.
Operating permitsFindings.
Operating permitsApplication processAnnual feeAdoption of rulesPhase-in of implementationSatellite systems.
Organic and inorganic chemicalsArea-wide waiver program.
Safe drinking water account.
Local government authority.
Report by bottled water plant operator or water dealer of contaminant in water source.
Authority to enter premisesSearch warrantsInvestigations.
Drinking water assistance accountDrinking water assistance administrative accountDrinking water assistance repayment accountProgram to provide financial assistance to public water systemsResponsibilities.
Water use efficiency requirementsRules.
Water system acquisition and rehabilitation programCreated.
Measuring chlorine residuals.
Fire sprinkler systemsShutting offLiability.
Short title1989 c 422.
Drinking water quality consumer complaints: RCW 80.04.110.