Chapter 70.119A RCW


RCW Sections

70.119A.025Environmental excellence program agreements -- Effect on chapter.
70.119A.030Public health emergencies -- Violations -- Penalty.
70.119A.040Additional or alternative penalty--Informal resolution unless a public health emergency.
70.119A.050Enforcement of regulations by local boards of health -- Civil penalties.
70.119A.060Public water systems -- Mandate -- Conditions for approval or creation of new public water system -- Department and local health jurisdiction duties.
70.119A.070Department contracting authority.
70.119A.080Drinking water program.
70.119A.100Operating permits -- Findings.
70.119A.110Operating permits -- Application process -- Annual fee -- Adoption of rules -- Phase-in of implementation -- Satellite systems.
70.119A.115Organic and inorganic chemicals -- Area-wide waiver program.
70.119A.120Safe drinking water account.
70.119A.130Local government authority.
70.119A.140Report by bottled water plant operator or water dealer of contaminant in water source.
70.119A.150Authority to enter premises -- Search warrants -- Investigations.
70.119A.170Drinking water assistance account -- Drinking water assistance administrative account -- Drinking water assistance repayment account -- Program to provide financial assistance to public water systems -- Responsibilities.
70.119A.180Water use efficiency requirements -- Rules.
70.119A.190Water system acquisition and rehabilitation program -- Created.
70.119A.200Measuring chlorine residuals.
70.119A.210Fire sprinkler systems -- Shutting off -- Liability.
70.119A.900Short title -- 1989 c 422.

Drinking water quality consumer complaints: RCW 80.04.110.