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Chapter 70.105 RCW


RCW Sections

70.105.005Legislative declaration.
70.105.020Standards and regulations -- Adoption -- Notice and hearing -- Consultation with other agencies.
70.105.025Environmental excellence program agreements -- Effect on chapter.
70.105.030List and information to be furnished by depositor of hazardous waste -- Rules and regulations.
70.105.035Solid wastes -- Conditionally exempt from chapter.
70.105.040Disposal site or facility -- Acquisition -- Disposal fee schedule.
70.105.050Disposal at other than approved site prohibited -- Disposal of radioactive wastes.
70.105.070Criteria for receiving waste at disposal site.
70.105.080Violations -- Civil penalties.
70.105.085Violations -- Criminal penalties.
70.105.090Violations -- Gross misdemeanor.
70.105.095Violations -- Orders -- Penalty for noncompliance -- Appeal.
70.105.097Action for damages resulting from violation -- Attorneys' fees.
70.105.100Powers and duties of department.
70.105.105Duty of department to regulate PCB waste.
70.105.109Regulation of wastes with radioactive and hazardous components.
70.105.110Regulation of dangerous wastes associated with energy facilities.
70.105.111Radioactive wastes -- Authority of department of social and health services.
70.105.112Application of chapter to special incinerator ash.
70.105.116Hazardous substance remedial actions -- Procedural requirements not applicable.
70.105.120Authority of attorney general.
70.105.130Department's powers as designated agency under federal act.
70.105.135Copies of notification forms or annual reports to officials responsible for fire protection.
70.105.140Rules implemented under RCW 70.105.130 -- Review.
70.105.145Department's authority to participate in and administer federal act.
70.105.150Declaration -- Management of hazardous waste -- Priorities -- Definitions.
70.105.160Waste management study -- Public hearings -- Adoption or modification of rules.
70.105.165Disposal of dangerous wastes at commercial off-site land disposal facilities -- Limitations.
70.105.170Waste management -- Consultative services -- Technical assistance -- Confidentiality.
70.105.180Disposition of fines and penalties -- Earnings.
70.105.200Hazardous waste management plan.
70.105.210Hazardous waste management facilities -- Department to develop criteria for siting.
70.105.215Department to adopt rules for permits for hazardous substances treatment facilities.
70.105.217Local government regulatory authority to prohibit or condition.
70.105.220Local governments to prepare local hazardous waste plans -- Basis -- Elements required.
70.105.221Local governments to prepare local hazardous waste plans -- Used oil recycling element.
70.105.225Local governments to designate zones -- Departmental guidelines -- Approval of local government zone designations or amendments -- Exemption.
70.105.230Local governments to submit letter of intent to identify or designate zones and submit management plans -- Department to prepare plan in event of failure to act.
70.105.235Grants to local governments for plan preparation, implementation, and designation of zones -- Matching funds -- Qualifications.
70.105.240State preemption -- Department sole authority -- Local requirements superseded -- State authority over designated zone facilities.
70.105.245Department may require notice of intent for management facility permit.
70.105.250Appeals to pollution control hearings board.
70.105.255Department to provide technical assistance with local plans.
70.105.260Department to assist conflict resolution activities related to siting facilities -- Agreements may constitute conditions for permit.
70.105.270Requirements of RCW 70.105.200 through 70.105.230 and70.105.240 (4) not mandatory without legislative appropriation.
70.105.280Service charges.
70.105.300Metals mining and milling operations permits -- Inspections by department of ecology.
70.105.310Radioactive mixed waste account.
70.105.900Short title -- 1985 c 448.

Environmental certification programs -- Fees -- Rules -- Liability: RCW 43.21A.175.

Hazardous materials incidents, handling and liability: RCW 70.136.010 through 70.136.070.

Radioactive and hazardous waste emergency response programs, state coordinator: RCW 38.52.030.

Transport of hazardous materials, state patrol authority over: Chapter 46.48 RCW.