Chapter 7.75 RCW


RCW Sections

7.75.010Legislative findings and intent.
7.75.020Dispute resolution center -- Creation -- Plan -- Approval by county or municipality.
7.75.030Services to be provided without charge or for fee based on ability to pay.
7.75.035Surcharge by county legislative authority.
7.75.040Dispute resolution agreement required -- When admissible as evidence.
7.75.050Confidentiality of centers' files, etc. -- Exception -- Privileged communications.
7.75.060Withdrawal from dispute resolution process.
7.75.070Center may seek and expend funds.
7.75.080Statutes of limitations tolled until dispute resolution process concluded.
7.75.090Application of chapter.
7.75.100Immunity from civil action.

Mediation testimony competency: RCW 5.60.070 and 5.60.072.