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Chapter 69.51A RCW

MEDICAL CANNABIS(Formerly Medical marijuana)

RCW Sections

69.51A.005Purpose and intent.
69.51A.020Construction of chapter.
69.51A.025Construction of chapter -- Compliance with RCW 69.51A.040.
69.51A.030Acts not constituting crimes or unprofessional conduct -- Health care professionals not subject to penalties or liabilities.
69.51A.040Compliance with chapter -- Qualifying patients and designated providers not subject to penalties -- Law enforcement not subject to liability.
69.51A.043Failure to register -- Affirmative defense.
69.51A.045Possession of cannabis exceeding lawful amount -- Affirmative defense.
69.51A.047Failure to register or present valid documentation -- Affirmative defense.
69.51A.050Medical marijuana, lawful possession -- State not liable.
69.51A.055Limitations of chapter -- Persons under supervision.
69.51A.060Crimes -- Limitations of chapter.
69.51A.070Addition of medical conditions.
69.51A.085Collective gardens.
69.51A.090Applicability of valid documentation definition.
69.51A.100Qualifying patient's designation of provider -- Provider's service as designated provider -- Termination.
69.51A.110Suitability for organ transplant.
69.51A.120Parental rights or residential time -- Not to be restricted.
69.51A.130State and municipalities -- Not subject to liability.
69.51A.140Counties, cities, towns -- Authority to adopt and enforce requirements.
69.51A.900Short title -- 1999 c 2.
69.51A.901Severability -- 1999 c 2.
69.51A.902Captions not law -- 1999 c 2.
69.51A.903Severability -- 2011 c 181.