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Chapter 52.14 RCW


RCW Sections

52.14.010Number -- Qualifications -- Insurance -- Compensation and expenses -- Service as volunteer firefighter.
52.14.013Commissioner districts -- Creation -- Boundaries.
52.14.015Increase in the number of commissioners -- Election.
52.14.017Decrease in the number of commissioners -- Election -- Disposition of commissioner districts.
52.14.020Number of commissioners in district -- Terms of first appointees.
52.14.030Polling places.
52.14.060Commissioner's terms.
52.14.070Oath of office.
52.14.080Chair -- Secretary -- Duties and oath.
52.14.090Office -- Meetings.
52.14.100Meetings -- Powers and duties of board.
52.14.110Purchases and public works -- Competitive bids required -- Exceptions.
52.14.120Purchases and public works -- Competitive bidding procedures.
52.14.130Low bidder claiming error -- Prohibition on later bid for same project.