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Chapter 51.36 RCW


RCW Sections

51.36.010Findings -- Minimum standards for providers -- Health care provider network -- Advisory group -- Best practices treatment guidelines -- Extent and duration of treatment -- Centers for occupational health and education -- Rules -- Reports.
51.36.015Chiropractic care and evaluation.
51.36.017Licensed advanced registered nurse practitioners.
51.36.020Transportation to treatment -- Artificial substitutes and mechanical aids -- Modifications to residences or motor vehicles.
51.36.022Residence modification assistance -- Rules -- Report to legislature.
51.36.030First aid.
51.36.040Time and place of coverage -- Lunch period.
51.36.050Rehabilitation center -- Contracts with self-insurers and others.
51.36.060Duties of attending physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner -- Medical information.
51.36.070Medical examination -- Reports -- Costs.
51.36.080Payment of fees and medical charges by department -- Interest -- Cost-effective payment methods -- Audits.
51.36.085Payment of fees and medical charges by self-insurers -- Interest.
51.36.090Review of billings -- Investigation of unauthorized services.
51.36.100Audits of health care providers authorized.
51.36.110Audits of health care providers -- Powers of department.
51.36.120Confidential information.
51.36.130False, misleading, or deceptive advertising or representations.
51.36.140Industrial insurance medical advisory committee -- Duties -- Membership.
51.36.150Industrial insurance chiropractic advisory committee -- Duties -- Membership.