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RCW 51.32.250

Payment of job modification costs.

Modification of the injured worker's previous job or modification of a new job is recognized as a desirable method of returning the injured worker to gainful employment. In order to assist employers in meeting the costs of job modification, and to encourage employers to modify jobs to accommodate retaining or hiring workers with disabilities resulting from work-related injury, the supervisor or the supervisor's designee, in his or her discretion, may pay job modification costs in an amount not to exceed five thousand dollars per worker per job modification. This payment is intended to be a cooperative participation with the employer and funds shall be taken from the appropriate account within the second injury fund.
The benefits provided for in this section are available to any otherwise eligible worker regardless of the date of industrial injury.
[1988 c 161 § 10; 1983 c 70 § 3; 1982 c 63 § 13.]
Severability1983 c 70: See note following RCW 51.32.095.
Effective datesImplementation1982 c 63: See note following RCW 51.32.095.