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Chapter 49.26 RCW


RCW Sections

49.26.010Legislative declaration.
49.26.013Inspection of construction projects required.
49.26.016Inspection of construction projects -- Penalties.
49.26.020Asbestos use standards.
49.26.030Containers for asbestos products.
49.26.040Regulations -- Enforcement.
49.26.100Asbestos projects -- Definitions.
49.26.110Asbestos projects -- Worker's and supervisor's certificates.
49.26.115Asbestos abatement projects -- Contractor's certificate required.
49.26.120Asbestos projects -- Qualified asbestos workers and supervisor -- Prenotification to department -- Fire personnel.
49.26.125Prenotification to department -- Exemptions.
49.26.130Asbestos projects -- Rules -- Fees -- Asbestos account.
49.26.140Asbestos projects -- Enforcement -- Penalties.
49.26.150Discrimination against employee filing complaint prohibited.
49.26.900Severability -- 1973 c 30.
49.26.901Effective dates -- 1988 c 271 §§ 6-18.