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RCW 49.12.275

Sick leave, time off—Care of family members—Poster required.

The department shall develop and furnish to each employer a poster which describes an employer's obligations and an employee's rights under RCW 49.12.270 through 49.12.295. The poster must include notice about any state law, rule, or regulation governing maternity disability leave and indicate that federal or local ordinances, laws, rules, or regulations may also apply. The poster must also include a telephone number and an address of the department to enable employees to obtain more information regarding RCW 49.12.270 through 49.12.295. Each employer must display this poster in a conspicuous place. Every employer shall also post its leave policies, if any, in a conspicuous place. Nothing in this section shall be construed to create a right to continued employment.
[1988 c 236 § 2.]
Legislative findingsEffective dateImplementationSeverability1988 c 236: See notes following RCW 49.12.270.