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RCW 48.43.300


The definitions in this section apply throughout RCW 48.43.300 through 48.43.370 unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Adjusted RBC report" means an RBC report that has been adjusted by the commissioner in accordance with RCW 48.43.305(4).
(2) "Corrective order" means an order issued by the commissioner specifying corrective actions that the commissioner has determined are required.
(3) "Domestic carrier" means any carrier domiciled in this state, or any person or entity subject to chapter 48.42 RCW domiciled in this state.
(4) "Foreign or alien carrier" means any carrier that is licensed to do business in this state but is not domiciled in this state, or any person or entity subject to chapter 48.42 RCW not domiciled in this state.
(5) "NAIC" means the national association of insurance commissioners.
(6) "Negative trend" means, with respect to a carrier, a negative trend over a period of time, as determined in accordance with the "trend test calculation" included in the RBC instructions.
(7) "RBC" means risk-based capital.
(8) "RBC instructions" means the RBC report including risk-based capital instructions adopted by the NAIC, as such RBC instructions may be amended by the NAIC from time to time in accordance with the procedures adopted by the NAIC.
(9) "RBC level" means a carrier's company action level RBC, regulatory action level RBC, authorized control level RBC, or mandatory control level RBC where:
(a) "Company action level RBC" means, with respect to any carrier, the product of 2.0 and its authorized control level RBC;
(b) "Regulatory action level RBC" means the product of 1.5 and its authorized control level RBC;
(c) "Authorized control level RBC" means the number determined under the risk-based capital formula in accordance with the RBC instructions;
(d) "Mandatory control level RBC" means the product of .70 and the authorized control level RBC.
(10) "RBC plan" means a comprehensive financial plan containing the elements specified in RCW 48.43.310(2). If the commissioner rejects the RBC plan, and it is revised by the carrier, with or without the commissioner's recommendation, the plan shall be called the "revised RBC plan."
(11) "RBC report" means the report required in RCW 48.43.305.
(12) "Total adjusted capital" means the sum of:
(a) Either a carrier's statutory capital and surplus or net worth, or both, as determined in accordance with statutory accounting applicable to the annual financial statements required to be filed with the commissioner; and
(b) Other items, if any, as the RBC instructions may provide.
[1998 c 241 § 1.]