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Chapter 47.68 RCW

(Formerly Chapter 14.04 RCW, Aeronautics commission)

RCW Sections

47.68.010Statement of policy.
47.68.015Change of meaning, certain terms.
47.68.070General powers.
47.68.080Drafts of legislation, other duties.
47.68.090Aid to municipalities, Indian tribes, persons -- Federal aid.
47.68.100Acquisition and disposal of airports, facilities, etc.
47.68.110Zoning powers not interfered with.
47.68.120Condemnation, how exercised.
47.68.130Contracts or leases of facilities in operating airports.
47.68.140Lease of airports.
47.68.150Lien for state's charges.
47.68.160Acceptance of federal moneys.
47.68.170State airways system.
47.68.180Execution of necessary contracts.
47.68.185Establishment of procedures required by conditions of federal transfers of facilities.
47.68.190Exclusive grants prohibited.
47.68.200Exercise of powers, public and governmental purpose.
47.68.210Rules -- Standards.
47.68.220Operating aircraft recklessly or under influence of intoxicants or drugs.
47.68.230Aircraft, airman, and airwoman certificates required.
47.68.235License or certificate suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
47.68.240Penalties for violations.
47.68.250Registration of aircraft.
47.68.255Evasive registration.
47.68.280Investigations, hearings, etc. -- Subpoenas -- Compelling attendance.
47.68.290Joint hearings -- Cooperation.
47.68.300State and municipal agencies to cooperate.
47.68.310Enforcement of aeronautics laws.
47.68.320Service of orders -- Hearings -- Review.
47.68.330Exchange of data, reports of violations, etc.
47.68.340Hazardous structures and obstacles -- Marking -- Hearing to determine hazard.
47.68.350Hazardous structures and obstacles -- Reporting location -- Subpoenas.
47.68.360Hazardous structures and obstacles -- Exemption of structures required by federal law to be marked.
47.68.380Aerial search and rescue -- Liability -- Definition.
47.68.390Airport capacity and facilities assessment.
47.68.400Airport capacity and facilities market analysis.
47.68.900Severability -- 1947 c 165.

Recycling at airports: RCW 70.93.095.