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RCW 46.37.525

Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles—Tail lamps, reflectors, and stop lamps.

(1) Every motorcycle and motor-driven cycle shall have at least one tail lamp which shall be located at a height of not more than seventy-two nor less than fifteen inches.
(2) Either a tail lamp or a separate lamp shall be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear registration plate and render it clearly legible from a distance of fifty feet to the rear. Any tail lamp or tail lamps, together with any separate lamp or lamps for illuminating the rear registration plate, shall be so wired as to be lighted whenever the head lamps or auxiliary driving lamps are lighted.
(3) Every motorcycle and motor-driven cycle shall carry on the rear, either as part of the tail lamp or separately, at least one red reflector meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.060.
(4) Every motorcycle and motor-driven cycle shall be equipped with at least one stop lamp meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.070.
[1977 ex.s. c 355 § 48.]
Rules of court: Monetary penalty scheduleIRLJ 6.2.
Severability1977 ex.s. c 355: See note following RCW 46.37.010.