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Chapter 44.28 RCW

(Formerly Legislative budget committee)

RCW Sections

44.28.010Committee created -- Members.
44.28.020Terms of members -- Vacancies.
44.28.040Travel expenses.
44.28.050Expenses of committee -- Vouchers.
44.28.060Executive committee -- Legislative auditor -- Rules, subcommittees.
44.28.065Legislative auditor -- Duties.
44.28.071Conduct of performance audits.
44.28.075Performance audits -- Scope.
44.28.080Powers -- Appropriations, expenses, revenues.
44.28.083Performance audit work plans.
44.28.088Performance audit reports -- Preliminary, final.
44.28.091Compliance reports -- Preliminary and final.
44.28.094Quality control review of joint committee.
44.28.097Agency and local government reports furnished to joint committee.
44.28.100Reports, minutes.
44.28.110Examinations -- Subpoenas -- Depositions -- Access to confidential records.
44.28.120Contempt proceedings -- Recalcitrant witnesses.
44.28.130Witness fees and mileage.
44.28.150Cooperation with legislative committees and others.
44.28.155WorkFirst program evaluation.
44.28.156Education performance agreement pilot -- Evaluation.
44.28.157School district health benefits -- Review -- Recommendations -- Performance grants -- Report.
44.28.800Legislation affecting mentally ill persons -- Report to legislature.
44.28.805Review of distributions to cities and counties -- Report.
44.28.810Review of governor's interagency coordinating council on health disparities--Report to the legislature.
44.28.816Tuition-setting authority -- Systemic performance audit.
44.28.900Severability -- 1951 c 43.

Director of financial management: Chapter 43.41 RCW.

Evaluation of opportunity scholarship and opportunity expansion programs: RCW 28B.145.080.

Loan program for mathematics and science teachers -- Review of: RCW 28B.15.766.

Personal service contracts, filing with joint legislative audit and review committee required: Chapter 39.26 RCW.

Review of motion picture competitiveness program: RCW 43.365.050.

State budgeting, accounting, and reporting: Chapter 43.88 RCW.

Study of funds related to state transportation programs: RCW 43.88.125.

Sunset review process: Chapter 43.131 RCW.

Termination of tax preferences: Chapter 43.136 RCW.