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RCW 43.41.150

Inventory of state land resources—Developing and maintaining—Summaries.

*** CHANGE IN 2015 *** (SEE 5315-S2.SL) ***

The office of financial management shall provide by administrative regulation for the maintenance of an inventory of all state owned or controlled land resources by all state agencies owning or controlling land. That office shall cooperate with the state departments and agencies charged with administering state owned or controlled land resources to assist them in developing and maintaining land resources inventories that will permit their respective inventories to be summarized into meaningful reports for the purposes of providing executive agencies with information for planning, budgeting, and managing state owned or administered land resources and to provide the legislature, its members, committees, and staff with data needed for formulation of public policy.
Such departments or agencies shall maintain and make available such summary inventory information as may be prescribed by the rules of the office of financial management. That office shall give each affected department or agency specific written notice of hearings for consideration, adoption, or modification of such rules. All information submitted to that office under this section are a matter of public record and shall be available from said agency upon request. [1981 c 157 § 5.
[1981 c 157 § 5.]