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Chapter 43.19 RCW

(Formerly Department of general administration)

RCW Sections

43.19.005Department created -- Powers and duties.
43.19.008Director -- Executive powers and management -- Review of programs and services -- Audit.
43.19.011Director -- Powers and duties.
43.19.014Notification requirements.
43.19.015Certain powers and duties of director of public institutions transferred to director of financial institutions.
43.19.025Enterprise services account.
43.19.035Commemorative works account.
43.19.125Capitol buildings and grounds -- Custody and control.
43.19.19054Exemptions from statewide policy for purchasing and material control.
43.19.1917Records of equipment owned by state -- Inspection -- "State equipment" defined.
43.19.1919Surplus personal property -- Sale, exchange -- Exceptions and limitations -- Transferring ownership of department-owned vessel.
43.19.19190Surplus property -- Exemption for original or historic state capitol furnishings.
43.19.19191Surplus computers and computer-related equipment -- Donation to school districts or educational service districts.
43.19.1920Surplus personal property -- Donation to emergency shelters.
43.19.19201Affordable housing -- Inventory of suitable property.
43.19.1921Warehouse facilities -- Central salvage -- Sales, exchanges, between state agencies.
43.19.205Chapter not applicable to certain transfers of property.
43.19.450Supervisor of engineering and architecture -- Qualifications -- Appointment -- Powers and duties -- Delegation of authority -- "State facilities" defined.
43.19.455Purchase of works of art -- Procedure.
43.19.500Enterprise services account -- Use.
43.19.501Thurston county capital facilities account.
43.19.520Purchase of products and services from entities serving or providing opportunities for disadvantaged or disabled persons -- Intent.
43.19.525Purchases from entities serving or providing opportunities for disadvantaged or disabled persons -- Definitions.
43.19.533Purchases from entities serving or providing opportunities for disadvantaged or disabled persons -- Existing contracts not impaired -- Solicitation of vendors in good standing.
43.19.560Motor vehicle transportation service -- Definitions.
43.19.565Motor vehicle transportation service -- Powers and duties -- Agency exemptions.
43.19.570Motor vehicle transportation service -- Responsibilities -- Agreements with other agencies -- Alternative fuels and clean technologies.
43.19.575Passenger motor vehicles owned or operated by state agencies -- Duty of the office of financial management to establish policies as to acquisition, operation, authorized use, etc.
43.19.585Motor vehicle transportation service -- Powers and duties.
43.19.600Motor vehicle transportation service -- Transfer of passenger motor vehicles to department from other agencies -- Studies -- Agency exemptions.
43.19.610Enterprise services account -- Sources -- Disbursements.
43.19.620Motor vehicle transportation service -- Rules and regulations.
43.19.625Employee commuting in state owned or leased vehicle -- Policies and regulations.
43.19.630Motor vehicle transportation service -- Use of personal motor vehicle.
43.19.635Motor vehicle transportation service -- Unauthorized use of state vehicles -- Procedure -- Disciplinary action.
43.19.637Clean-fuel vehicles -- Purchasing requirements.
43.19.642Biodiesel fuel blends -- Use by agencies -- Biannual report.
43.19.643Biodiesel fuel blends -- Definitions.
43.19.646Coordinating the purchase and delivery of biodiesel -- Reports.
43.19.647Purchase of biofuels and biofuel blends -- Contracting authority.
43.19.648Publicly owned vehicles, vessels, and construction equipment -- Fuel usage -- Advisory committee -- Tires.
43.19.651Fuel cells and renewable or alternative energy sources.
43.19.663Clean technologies -- Purchase -- Definitions.
43.19.668Energy conservation -- Legislative finding -- Declaration.
43.19.669Energy conservation -- Purpose.
43.19.670Energy conservation -- Definitions.
43.19.682Energy conservation to be included in landscape objectives.
43.19.685Lease covenants, conditions, and terms to be developed -- Applicability.
43.19.691Municipalities -- Energy audits and efficiency.
43.19.695Bonds to finance conservation measures.
43.19.708Certified veteran-owned businesses -- Identification in vendor registry.
43.19.710Consolidated mail service -- Definitions.
43.19.715Consolidated mail service -- Area served.
43.19.720Consolidated mail service -- Review needs of state agencies.
43.19.725Small businesses -- Increased registration in enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system -- Increased contracts and purchasing -- Model plan -- Technical assistance -- Recordkeeping.
43.19.727Small businesses -- Effects of technical assistance -- Reports -- Web-based information system.
43.19.733Requirement to utilize print management contracts -- Exemptions.
43.19.736Print shop services -- Bid solicitations -- Confidential information.
43.19.739Reducing costs -- Agencies to consult with department.
43.19.742Agency management of print operations -- Department rules and guidelines.
43.19.745Agency use of envelopes -- Standardization.
43.19.748Public printing for state agencies and municipal corporations -- Exceptions to in-state requirements.
43.19.751Public printing for state agencies and municipal corporations -- Allowance of claims.
43.19.754Public printing for state agencies and municipal corporations -- Contracts for out-of-state work.
43.19.757Public printing for state agencies and municipal corporations -- Quality and workmanship requirements.
43.19.760Risk management -- Principles.
43.19.763Risk management -- Definitions.
43.19.766Risk management -- Office created -- Powers and duties.
43.19.769Risk management -- Procurement of insurance and bonds.
43.19.772Risk management -- Procurement of insurance for municipalities.
43.19.775Risk management -- Enforcement of bonds under RCW 39.59.010.
43.19.778Risk management -- Liability account -- Actuarial studies.
43.19.781Risk management -- Safety and loss control program.
43.19.784Bonds of state officers and employees -- Fixing amount -- Additional bonds -- Exemptions -- Duties of director.
43.19.791Data processing revolving fund -- Created -- Use.
43.19.794Departmental authority as certification authority for electronic authentication.
43.19.800Transfer of ownership of department-owned vessel -- Further requirements.
43.19.900Transfer of powers, duties, functions, and assets of department of general administration.
43.19.901Transfer of certain powers, duties, functions, and assets of the public printer.
43.19.902Transfer of certain powers, duties, functions, and assets of the department of information services.
43.19.903Transfer of certain powers, duties, functions, and assets of the department of personnel.
43.19.904Transfer of certain powers, duties, functions, and assets of the office of financial management.

Administration of the jobs act: RCW 43.331.040.

Archives and records management division: Chapter 40.14 RCW.

Buildings, provision to be made for use by aged and individuals with disabilities: Chapter 70.92 RCW.

Capital projects advisory review board, provision of staff support: RCW 39.10.220.

Capitol campus design advisory committee: RCW 43.34.080.

Department created: RCW 43.17.010.

   appointment: RCW 43.17.020.
   chief assistants: RCW 43.17.040.
   control of traffic on capitol grounds: RCW 46.08.150.
   oath: RCW 43.17.030.
   vacancy in office of: RCW 43.17.020, 43.17.040.

East capitol site, powers and duties: Chapter 79.24 RCW.

Federal surplus property, powers and duties: Chapter 39.32 RCW.

Housing for state offices, departments, and institutions: Chapter 43.82 RCW.

Inventory of state-owned property: RCW 43.19.19201, 43.20A.035, 43.20A.037, 43.41.150, 43.63A.510, 43.82.150, 47.12.064, 72.09.055, and 79.02.400.

Office located at state capital: RCW 43.17.050.

Parking facilities and traffic on capitol grounds: RCW 46.08.150 and 79.24.300 through 79.24.320.

Rules and regulations: RCW 43.17.060.