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Chapter 39.35C RCW


RCW Sections

39.35C.020State agency and school district conservation projects -- Implementation -- Department assistance.
39.35C.025Energy audit of school district facilities -- Completion dates -- Identification, implementation of cost-effective energy conservation measures.
39.35C.030Department coordination of conservation development with utilities.
39.35C.040Sale of conserved energy.
39.35C.050Authority of state agencies and school districts to implement conservation.
39.35C.060Authority to finance conservation in school districts and state agencies.
39.35C.070Development of cogeneration projects.
39.35C.080Sale of cogenerated electricity and thermal energy.
39.35C.090Additional authority of state agencies.
39.35C.130Adoption of rules.
39.35C.900Captions not law -- 1991 c 201.
39.35C.901Severability -- 1991 c 201.