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Chapter 36.70 RCW


RCW Sections

36.70.010Purpose and intent.
36.70.015Expenditure of funds declared public purpose.
36.70.025"Solar energy system" defined.
36.70.030Commission -- Creation.
36.70.040Department -- Creation -- Creation of commission to assist department.
36.70.050Authority for planning.
36.70.060Regional planning commission -- Appointment and powers.
36.70.070Commission -- Composition.
36.70.080Commission -- Appointment -- County.
36.70.090Commission -- Membership -- Terms -- Existing commissions.
36.70.100Commission -- Vacancies.
36.70.110Commission -- Removal.
36.70.120Commission -- Officers.
36.70.130Planning agency -- Meetings.
36.70.140Planning agency -- Rules and records.
36.70.150Planning agency -- Joint meetings.
36.70.160Director -- Appointment.
36.70.170Director -- Employees.
36.70.180Joint director.
36.70.190Special services.
36.70.200Board of adjustment -- Creation -- Zoning adjustor.
36.70.210Board of adjustment -- Membership -- Quorum.
36.70.220Board of adjustment -- Appointment -- Appointment of zoning adjustor.
36.70.230Board of adjustment -- Terms.
36.70.240Board of adjustment -- Vacancies.
36.70.250Board of adjustment -- Removal.
36.70.260Board of adjustment -- Organization.
36.70.270Board of adjustment -- Meetings.
36.70.280Board of adjustment -- Rules and records.
36.70.290Appropriation for planning agency, board of adjustment.
36.70.300Accept gifts.
36.70.310Conference and travel expenses -- Commission members and staff.
36.70.315Public notice -- Identification of affected property.
36.70.317Statement of restrictions applicable to real property.
36.70.320Comprehensive plan.
36.70.330Comprehensive plan -- Required elements.
36.70.340Comprehensive plan -- Amplification of required elements.
36.70.350Comprehensive plan -- Optional elements.
36.70.360Comprehensive plan -- Cooperation with affected agencies.
36.70.370Comprehensive plan -- Filing of copies.
36.70.380Comprehensive plan -- Public hearing required.
36.70.390Comprehensive plan -- Notice of hearing.
36.70.400Comprehensive plan -- Approval -- Required vote -- Record.
36.70.410Comprehensive plan -- Amendment.
36.70.420Comprehensive plan -- Referral to board.
36.70.430Comprehensive plan -- Board may initiate or change -- Notice.
36.70.440Comprehensive plan -- Board may approve or change -- Notice.
36.70.450Planning agency -- Relating projects to comprehensive plan.
36.70.460Planning agency -- Annual report.
36.70.470Planning agency -- Promotion of public interest in plan.
36.70.480Planning agency -- Cooperation with agencies.
36.70.490Information to be furnished agency.
36.70.493Manufactured housing communities -- Prohibitions of county due to community status as a nonconforming use.
36.70.495Planning regulations -- Copies provided to county assessor.
36.70.500Right of entry -- Commission or planning staff.
36.70.510Special referred matters -- Reports.
36.70.520Required submission of capital expenditure projects.
36.70.530Relating capital expenditure projects to comprehensive plan.
36.70.540Referral procedure -- Reports.
36.70.545Development regulations -- Consistency with comprehensive plan.
36.70.547General aviation airports -- Siting of incompatible uses.
36.70.550Official controls.
36.70.560Official controls -- Forms of controls.
36.70.570Official controls -- Adoption.
36.70.580Official controls -- Public hearing by commission.
36.70.590Official controls -- Notice of hearing.
36.70.600Official controls -- Recommendation to board -- Required vote.
36.70.610Official controls -- Reference to board.
36.70.620Official controls -- Action by board.
36.70.630Official controls -- Board to conduct hearing, adopt findings prior to incorporating changes in recommended control.
36.70.640Official controls -- Board may initiate.
36.70.650Board final authority.
36.70.660Procedures for adoption of controls limited to planning matters.
36.70.670Enforcement -- Official controls.
36.70.675Child care facilities -- Review of need and demand -- Adoption of ordinances.
36.70.677Accessory apartments.
36.70.678Conditional and special use permit applications by parties licensed or certified by the department of social and health services or the department of corrections -- Mediation prior to appeal required.
36.70.680Subdividing and platting.
36.70.690County improvements.
36.70.695Development regulations -- Jurisdictions specified -- Electric vehicle infrastructure.
36.70.700Planning agency -- Time limit for report.
36.70.710Final authority.
36.70.720Prerequisite for zoning.
36.70.730Text without map.
36.70.740Zoning map -- Progressive adoption.
36.70.750Zoning -- Types of regulations.
36.70.755Residential care facilities -- Review of need and demand -- Adoption of ordinances.
36.70.757Family day-care provider's home facility -- County may not prohibit in residential or commercial area -- Conditions.
36.70.760Establishing zones.
36.70.770All regulations shall be uniform in each zone.
36.70.780Classifying unmapped areas.
36.70.790Interim zoning.
36.70.795Moratoria, interim zoning controls -- Public hearing -- Limitation on length.
36.70.800Procedural amendments -- Zoning ordinance.
36.70.810Board of adjustment -- Authority.
36.70.820Board of adjustment -- Quasi-judicial powers.
36.70.830Board of adjustment -- Appeals -- Time limit.
36.70.840Board of adjustment -- Notice of time and place of hearing on conditional permit.
36.70.850Board of adjustment -- Appeal -- Notice of time and place.
36.70.860Board of adjustment -- Scope of authority on appeal.
36.70.870Zoning adjustor -- Powers and duties.
36.70.880Zoning adjustor -- Action final unless appealed.
36.70.890Board of adjustment -- Action final -- Writs.
36.70.900Inclusion of findings of fact.
36.70.910Short title.
36.70.920Duties and responsibilities imposed by other acts.
36.70.930Chapter alternative method.
36.70.940Elective adoption.
36.70.970Hearing examiner system -- Adoption authorized -- Alternative -- Functions -- Procedures.
36.70.980Conformance with chapter 43.97 RCW required.
36.70.982Fish enhancement projects -- County's liability.
36.70.990Treatment of residential structures occupied by persons with handicaps.
36.70.992Watershed restoration projects -- Permit processing -- Fish habitat enhancement project.

Acquisition of interests in land for conservation, protection, preservation, or open space purposes by counties: RCW 64.04.130.

Alternative planning enabling act: Chapter 35.63 RCW.

Appearance of fairness doctrine -- Application to local land use decisions: RCW 42.36.010.

County, sewerage, water, and drainage systems as part of comprehensive plan: Chapter 36.70 RCW.

Expediting completion of projects of statewide significance -- Requirements of agreements: RCW 43.157.020.

Joint operations by political subdivisions, deposit and control of funds: RCW 43.09.285.

Unfit dwellings, buildings, and structures: Chapter 35.80 RCW.