Chapter 36.70 RCW


Purpose and intent.
Expenditure of funds declared public purpose.
"Solar energy system" defined.
DepartmentCreationCreation of commission to assist department.
Authority for planning.
Regional planning commissionAppointment and powers.
CommissionMembershipTermsExisting commissions.
Planning agencyMeetings.
Planning agencyRules and records.
Planning agencyJoint meetings.
Joint director.
Special services.
Board of adjustmentCreationZoning adjustor.
Board of adjustmentMembershipQuorum.
Board of adjustmentAppointmentAppointment of zoning adjustor.
Board of adjustmentTerms.
Board of adjustmentVacancies.
Board of adjustmentRemoval.
Board of adjustmentOrganization.
Board of adjustmentMeetings.
Board of adjustmentRules and records.
Appropriation for planning agency, board of adjustment.
Accept gifts.
Conference and travel expensesCommission members and staff.
Public noticeIdentification of affected property.
Statement of restrictions applicable to real property.
Comprehensive plan.
Comprehensive planRequired elements.
Comprehensive planAmplification of required elements.
Comprehensive planOptional elements.
Comprehensive planCooperation with affected agencies.
Comprehensive planFiling of copies.
Comprehensive planPublic hearing required.
Comprehensive planNotice of hearing.
Comprehensive planApprovalRequired voteRecord.
Comprehensive planAmendment.
Comprehensive planReferral to board.
Comprehensive planBoard may initiate or changeNotice.
Comprehensive planBoard may approve or changeNotice.
Planning agencyRelating projects to comprehensive plan.
Planning agencyAnnual report.
Planning agencyPromotion of public interest in plan.
Planning agencyCooperation with agencies.
Information to be furnished agency.
Manufactured housing communitiesProhibitions of county due to community status as a nonconforming use.
Planning regulationsCopies provided to county assessor.
Right of entryCommission or planning staff.
Special referred mattersReports.
Required submission of capital expenditure projects.
Relating capital expenditure projects to comprehensive plan.
Referral procedureReports.
Development regulationsConsistency with comprehensive plan.
General aviation airportsSiting of incompatible uses.
Official controls.
Official controlsForms of controls.
Official controlsAdoption.
Official controlsPublic hearing by commission.
Official controlsNotice of hearing.
Official controlsRecommendation to boardRequired vote.
Official controlsReference to board.
Official controlsAction by board.
Official controlsBoard to conduct hearing, adopt findings prior to incorporating changes in recommended control.
Official controlsBoard may initiate.
Board final authority.
Procedures for adoption of controls limited to planning matters.
EnforcementOfficial controls.
Child care facilitiesReview of need and demandAdoption of ordinances.
Accessory apartments.
Conditional and special use permit applications by parties licensed or certified by the department of social and health services or the department of correctionsMediation prior to appeal required.
Subdividing and platting.
County improvements.
County development regulationsProposed water uses.
Development regulationsJurisdictions specifiedElectric vehicle infrastructure.
Planning agencyTime limit for report.
Final authority.
Prerequisite for zoning.
Text without map.
Zoning mapProgressive adoption.
ZoningTypes of regulations.
Residential care facilitiesReview of need and demandAdoption of ordinances.
Family day-care provider's home facilityCounty may not prohibit in residential or commercial areaConditions.
Establishing zones.
All regulations shall be uniform in each zone.
Classifying unmapped areas.
Interim zoning.
Moratoria, interim zoning controlsPublic hearingLimitation on length.
Procedural amendmentsZoning ordinance.
Board of adjustmentAuthority.
Board of adjustmentQuasi-judicial powers.
Board of adjustmentAppealsTime limit.
Board of adjustmentNotice of time and place of hearing on conditional permit.
Board of adjustmentAppealNotice of time and place.
Board of adjustmentScope of authority on appeal.
Zoning adjustorPowers and duties.
Zoning adjustorAction final unless appealed.
Board of adjustmentAction finalWrits.
Inclusion of findings of fact.
Short title.
Duties and responsibilities imposed by other acts.
Chapter alternative method.
Elective adoption.
Hearing examiner systemAdoption authorizedAlternativeFunctionsProcedures.
Conformance with chapter 43.97 RCW required.
Fish enhancement projectsCounty's liability.
Treatment of residential structures occupied by persons with handicaps.
Watershed restoration projectsPermit processingFish habitat enhancement project.
Acquisition of interests in land for conservation, protection, preservation, or open space purposes by counties: RCW 64.04.130.
Alternative planning enabling act: Chapter 35.63 RCW.
Appearance of fairness doctrineApplication to local land use decisions: RCW 42.36.010.
County, sewerage, water, and drainage systems as part of comprehensive plan: Chapter 36.70 RCW.
Expediting completion of projects of statewide significanceRequirements of agreements: RCW 43.157.020.
Joint operations by political subdivisions, deposit and control of funds: RCW 43.09.285.
Unfit dwellings, buildings, and structures: Chapter 35.80 RCW.
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